“Choosing to be anonymous is better because it lets people focus more on the music and the person as a connected entity but separate,” said the URI freshman film student and electronic musician.

The URI student identifies themself and their music under the name Rhodonite Girl and has chosen to keep their identity anonymous. Rhodonite Girl began producing music their freshman fall semester after being inspired by other ambient musician friends who recognize themselves as Live Slower and Adjusted Speech (a.k.a Cloudburn).

They said the name Rhodonite Girl came from looking in a dictionary at names of different gems and crystals. They also mention that they thought it would sound good to add the word “girl” because “girl implies many things to many people.”

As a kid, Rhodonite Girl had always been passionate and interested in finding new and interesting music. He said playing video games such as Cry of Fear and listening to ambient works by Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, and film score composer, Trent Reznor, showed him the power of ambient music. The film major said it really moved him that ambient music could have such an impact on other arts.

“It’s not like you’re making classical music or other electronic music. It’s more rubato if you want it to be,” said Rhodonite Girl. “Ambient music can range from really harsh noise to really mellow soundscapes to slightly melody based ambient music.” He said there is no real structure, and because there is a lack of structure and rules, there is a lot of room to include incredible aspects of more structured music within ambient music that makes it stronger.

At the moment, he is working on his second ambient album, Crystals. Although, Rhodonite Girl said they are also releasing an EP with Cloudburn on Valentine’s day under the record label Uncharted Recordings, who was founded by an electronic music producer and friend under the name, Black Visor. Rhodonite Girl released their first album, Identity Matrix, towards the end of October last year. They are planning to cover a track of their uncle’s band, Fate’s Warning, which was a popular progressive metal band in the 1980’s and put their own spin on it.

Rhodonite Girl mentions that they are not exclusively ambient music, they have done tracks within other types of electronic music, like jungle and breakcore. They said they have only performed once in public through the school’s Musician’s Guild along with another URI student and ambient musician, who goes by the name Live Slower. Rhodonite Girl plans to do another show this semester that will be a lot different than their usual ambient music. Rhodonite Girl said they want to give their set a live aspect instead of people just coming to see them press play.

In order to get themselves in the music writing mood they use various techniques. But Rhodonite Girl said their music often draws from the world around them, it all revolves around living in the moment because that is when your best ideas come.

“Living life will give you stories and experiences,” said Rhodonite Girl. “That’s what a lot of my music is based on.”

Rhodonite Girl hopes to release many albums under various genres, as well as, use their music for film scores. They are working to collaborate more with other musicians and artist and put on more live performances.

“I really want to push the boundaries of how far I can take ambient music and the genres of music I like within synthesized sounds,” said Rhodonite Girl. “ I think that the universe will work in order to help you settle your goal. It doesn’t mean the universe won’t test you on it to make sure you’re being faithful to it, but don’t be discouraged to try it and think that people won’t be there to help you because I am getting so much support from both family and friends to pursue it.”

Music by Rhodonite Girl can be found on Bandcamp.