One of the oldest restaurants in the Kingston Emporium, Albie’s Place, celebrates their thirtieth Anniversary this year.

Albie Greer, a former brother of Sigma Nu at the University of Rhode Island founded Albie’s back in 1987. Greer, a senior at the time, saw the emporium being built from his room in his fraternity house on the corner of Alumni Center. The only restaurant present was Kingston Pizza. One night, he craved a good sandwich but there was only one restaurant on campus. That’s when Greer came up with the idea of starting another one.

After college, he moved forward with his idea. Soon he came up with the name “Albie’s Place.” Greer was so tied up with the restaurant, he had to ask his friend, John Fogarty, to partner with him. They started as a hot dog, burger and french fry place, but the menu has grown every year since 1987.

After years of success, the two men decided to part ways when Greer had the opportunity to take over his father’s position at Wise Potato Chips. However, Fogarty passed down the restaurant to his nephew, Jay Wichert, who currently is the owner.

Wichert wants to thank not only the University of Rhode Island community but the town of Kingston for always supporting Albie’s.

“The customers are 50/50 between students and locals.” Wichert said.

To thank everyone, Albie’s hosted an anniversary sale called “Seven Days of Deals.” Each day consisted of buy one get one subs, 30 percent off platters and $5 meals. The week of deals was from Feb. 27 to March 5. In addition, a $25 certificate giveaway was raffled off through their social media sites. The celebration is continued all month with different specials added to the menu.

The large menu has something for everyone with choices from over 20 sandwiches and everything in between made to order.

Albie’s is known for their steak fries, burgers and especially their signature “Phat Sandwiches.” This unique sandwich started about 10 years ago, and business has been crazy ever since, according to Wichert. The sandwiches are packed with choices like mozzarella sticks, onion rings, steak fries and much more. The sandwiches are sold more than any other dish on the menu.

“The Phat Sandwiches was the best thing that happened to Albie’s,” said Wichert. “We try to add new sandwiches to the menu every month.”

Albie’s Place has always been located across from Cumberland Farms in the Kingston Emporium. Wichert expresses that expanding the restaurant to other locations is hopeful, however he wants the restaurant to stay in a college atmosphere.

Alex Anderson, a freshman who frequents Albie’s, said, “if it’s midnight, they are my go-to, and delivery is speedy.”

Every year restaurants in the Kingston Emporium come and go, but Albie’s has lasted 30 years, and is looking forward to the next 30 in business.