If you’re feeling sweet and savory, give these new spots a try

The line between dessert and dinner has been blurred. It can not be said for certain if flavor trends are shifting from sweet to savory, but it is accurate to note the combination of the new flavor trends.

Across the country, bitter, salty and savory flavors are working their way into a growing number of dessert menus. Yet, some of those classic sweet toppings are making it to a number of savory dinner and lunch menus. This sweet and savory trend is allowing room for creativity that will satisfy your cravings all in one sitting.

New dining destinations off campus are following this trend of sweet and savory; the buzz these restaurants have created are prompting many students to take the drive off campus to check them out. Uptown Burger Bar and the Gnarly Donut are two new destinations Ram’s need to dig their claws into.

Who doesn’t love donuts? The Gnarly Donut on Boon Street in Narragansett is the newest breakfast and donut shop around. With 33 donut flavors, your donut dreams are finally coming true.

If you’re feeling classic, they serve donuts such as cream filled and glazed. Skipping breakfast is no problem because they serve cereal donuts like fruity pebbles, cocoa puffs and fruit loops. If you just want a snack there are oreo and s’mores donuts. Anything you can imagine, they have it. These flavors will have your tastebuds tingling.

Although this cafe highlights sweet, savory does come into the picture. Their sweet and savory combination donut is the maple bacon chocolate, which has a crispy, savory bacon topping drizzled in chocolate with a maple icing that’s paired with a fluffy donut underneath.

Their warm and welcoming environment attracts everyone. The significance of the name and their logo comes from the owner’s background of surfing. The Gnarly donut’s goal is for for locals, tourists, students or surfers to come get a great cup of coffee, some donuts or bagels in a relaxing environment.

University of Rhode Island students get a discount opportunity. With a student ID, students get a breakfast sandwich on a bagel and a large coffee for $4.99. That saves you two dollars from the normal price for everybody else.

The Uptown Burger Bar, located in South County Commons, brings old time favorite burgers new flavors setting the restaurant apart from all burger joints in the area. At Uptown Burger Bar, you won’t find your typical burger with lettuce and tomatoes They combine new and old thyme flavors that some of us grew up with.

Their menu offers a collection of sweet and savory burger recipes, contrasting flavors complementing one another, bringing out the best in all of the fruity, salty, sugary, rich and spicy ingredients. Uptown Burger Bar has toppings that are nothing like you ever tried. Pineapple, peach, guacamole, figs, pastrami, onion, peanut butter and jelly, you name it, they probably have a burger for it.

The two best sellers on the menu is the Peanut Butter and Jelly burger and Georgia Peach burger.

Greg Stevens, the owner of Uptown Burger Bar, says that the most sweet and savory burger of all time is the Georgia Peach burger. With the ingredients on this burger, there is no way to eat it properly without a gooey delicious mess. On top of the burger is fresh peaches, chipotle glaze with bacon on it and a toasted roll. Have no fear to take a large bite because they do supply hand wipes. One tip with this burger, when it melts on the plate, make sure to sop up the flavors and dip the burger in it before biting again.

Uptown Burger Bar likes to go by the farm to table concept. Through their food and drinks, they support local businesses. Uptown Burger Bar serves all 100 percent natural beef patties and to make sure of it they get their beef from a local Rhode Island farm, Pineland Farms. They serve all of their food in biodegradable plates and containers. All of their fruit and produce is grown organically and locally. You won’t be able to find Coca-Cola or Bud Light instead it’s craft beer, soda and wine local to New England.

Uptown Burger Bar is the first cashless restaurant in the state in order to create a cleaner and safer environment.The restaurant has kiosks in which you can browse the menu, place your order, and pay using a credit or debit card. No card, no problem. They do accept cash if you prefer.

Classic flavors in your daily meals are being undermined by the new sweet and savory trend. You can’t judge the flavors until you take a bite of them yourself. Taking a step outside your food-comfort zone will surprise you.

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