Hey you, you’re standing on two feet today. You woke up and got up for a purpose. You are unique and beautiful in every way, but remember your perfections are blinded by what you think your “imperfections” are. You have so much to love about yourself. I see you for everything you are, find your inner self-acceptance. There is a specific thing that we can do to make each other feel loved and accepted no matter what body type we have. Stop listening to what others have to say the perfect shape is and start loving ourselves for who we are.

Are you guilty of telling someone “you look so skinny” and thinking that was a compliment? Of course, anybody would take that and add self confidence to their mind the rest of the day.

Let’s flip the script up a bit. Would you ever greet someone with, “wow, you look so fat!” Granted, being “skinny” in our culture is more accepted, but why do we have to revolve our habits around looking the best we could, when we should be loving and embracing who we are. We are growing up in a culture where we are raised to reward thin hips and flat tummies. Why are we taught to idolize “skinny?” Some girls are naturally born a certain way.

Everyone has body challenges they deal with. We are wrong for constant editing and using tools to make us look like something we’re not. We are wrong for expecting the “perfect image” on the next Calvin Klein advertisement. Defining ourselves with body positivity is a better path to follow. We should be striving to be healthier and feel good about the body we live in. Learn to love your body for everything about it. Strive for your personal body goals for yourself, not others satisfaction.


You are more than what you think “perfection” is.


Never try to change what you’re born with because you are beautiful just the way you are and someone out there loves you JUST for you. If you think about it, someone out there, whether you’re a friend or a lover, they are obsessed with you. Why change to conform to society when you are ENOUGH for the people that matter? When you look in the mirror, you see things that other people don’t search for. Instead of focusing on what we love about ourselves, every time we look, we find something wrong to fix. Your mind is your worst enemy. Being what you think is “skinny” or “beautiful” is manifested through your own self. What the tag size says in your clothes should not matter because if you feel good, that’s all that counts.

The day you learn to love your body and all that it is capable of, is the day when you realize that YOU matter. It feels good to be called thin, but that should not comfort you completely. We women have become accustomed to a norm that if you’re thin, you’re automatically happy. Do you see the problem with skinny yet? It creates an unhealthy following of people who are eager and willing to skip meals for their thin waist, flip their habits and change who they are inside and out.

We need to spend more time smiling in the mirror and having the attitude of “YES, I feel amazing.” We all go through the same self-insults, and letting ourselves down with these silly expectations. I’m telling you to stop insulting yourself. Double chins, thunder thighs, jelly rolls, whatever you call them, stop. When you want to change these insecurities, do them in a healthy way because nothing is better than satisfaction for yourself when you complete it.

I applaud the people who’ve risen above our social norms and are proud of their body and shape. It takes a lot to do so, I know things don’t happen like that overnight. If we follow these people and like the way we look, we won’t have so many worries. Your body isn’t for anyone else’s thoughts, or a false interpretation of the love and respect you treat yourself with.

You are more than what you think “perfection” is.

All we need to do is make sure we are not confusing the line between compliments of “you’re so thin” and “you are so beautiful.” Tell people around them they look great, because they do and they want to hear it.

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Jessica Pace
I’m from Long Island, New York. I am a senior double major in Journalism and Communication Studies. I have a passion for telling people stories that are exciting and intriguing. My plans for the future is to bring you a friendly familiar face to the TV screen- as a dedicated reporter. I’ve interned with WJAR NBC10 in Providence and News 12 Long Island two summers in a row. If you see me on campus with a camera, don’t be shy! Say hi!