URI to host music festival similar to “Hempfest”

The University of Rhode Island’s electronic music club, the Electronic Music Association (EMA), will be hosting their first outdoor festival on the Quadrangle on Saturday, April 28 from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event will offer music, food vendors, jewelry, artwork and a chance to unwind and destress. The event is called “Relief”, which is set before finals to serve as an opportunity for students to have fun, explore their creativity and vibe to music.

“A lot of people may not be knowledgeable of EMA, but it’s such a non-judgmental and welcoming environment,” said EMA President Melina Metaxas. Individuals from all music preferences are encouraged to attend.

There will be hula hoopers, dancers, artists and additional clubs that will be present and bringing their energy to the festival. For example, Flow Club will be putting on demos with slack lines, while Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and the Musician’s Guild will be showcasing their organizations.

“We will have canvas boards set up for students to artistically express themselves, and black light paint for when the sun sets,” said Metaxas. Many local artists are projected to attend, bringing some of their creations to share.

Two stages will be set up on the quad. Multiple DJ’s will be hired for the event and funded by EMA. One unique stage in particular is a portable school bus.

The entire event will be free to the public. Any donations from raffle giveaways will benefit Feed RI, an organization empowering Rhode Islanders to access fresh food.

“This is our big event that we work up to,” said Metexas. “We fundraise fall semester to use it in the spring.”

While Hempfest will not be taking place this semester, students may attend Relief instead. In the event of rain, the current projected rain date is Sunday April 29. While flyers are on the way, those interested may seek out additional information at Facebook.com/EMAofURI. Prospective volunteers interested in helping out with the event may contact Metaxas at Melinametaxas@my.uri.edu.

Find some time for relief before finals and join the community on the quad. Explore creative expression through art, dance and music. Led by the Theatre and Art Club, decorations are anticipated to light up your night.