Photo by Kristina Erickson |CIGAR| Flat Waves takes their leave, a new calzone restaurant opens in its place

A new restaurant will be opening in the Emporium, taking the space of Flat Waves who quietly closed down late last month.

David Armenakian purchased the location and renovated it to start his own new calzone and wrap shop, Davos. Armenakian purchased this location, having experience running pizza and calzone restaurants in North Providence, Providence, and Warwick. Years ago, Armenakian also co-owned a pizza shop with his brother in Peacedale, called “Peacedale Pizza.”

“We always liked this area, because it’s a good area… especially at the Emporium because it is very busy because of all the college kids and everything,” Amenakin said. “I couldn’t pass that up.”

Davos’ restaurant menu includes staple calzones like the honey mustard chicken calzone to unique ones like the nutella calzones.

Armenakian believes that Davos will stand out from the other established local calzone and wrap shops because of his fair prices.

“I think my prices are a lot cheaper… I feel like around here they [other shops] charge whatever they want and serve whatever they want,” he said.

The price of a Buffalo Chicken Calzone at Davos is $7.99, whereas the same calzone at Rhode House is $8.49.

“One time one of my buddies ordered some stuff from one of those places…he order a calzone, fries, and a drink, it was like twenty something dollars,” Armenakian said. “I don’t think that’s fair.”

Armenakian also discussed how he will try to avoid using frozen products in his menu and will prep all the main dishes from scratch.

“We have the shawarma, a vertical grill, that cooks the chicken in a totally different way. It’s fresh, and you basically need to marinate it every day,” Armenakian said.

Davos plans to both have a full grand-opening later this week, and to start delivering to customers using Hungry Rhody in the near future.

According to Armenakian, Flat Waves owner, Tyler Hookanson, closed the location for a number of reasons.

“He said that he had another job, and there also another Flat Waves in Middletown [Rhode Island],” Armenakian said. “He just couldn’t run both the business.

Additionally, Armenakian said that if the location wasn’t sold, Hookanson and Flat Waves would have simply kept the location open.

Davos is now open for any and all interested calzone lovers.