The University of Rhode Island’s women’s soccer team is adding 13 new players with their incoming recruiting class.

The Rams finished this past season with a conference record of 0-9-1 and an overall record of 0-17-1 in Head Coach Megan Jessee’s second year in charge. They only scored 10 goals on the entire season and averaged 0.56 goals per game. The Rams also allowed 2.68 goals against per game. However, Jessee is excited for next year and the recruiting class that she is bringing in.

The class consists of 13 girls, with eight of them coming from New England. Of the eight states from New England, seven of the recruits hail from Massachusetts and one from Connecticut. Three of the recruits come from New Jersey, two come from New York and the lone international recruit and only goaltender in the class comes from Melbourne, Australia.

Goaltender Teresa Morrissey is joined by Zoe Chazan, Kelly Fitzgerald, Karlee Luker and Allison Mogauro on the defensive side of the field while Lily Caso, Brooke Cavino and Julia Roemer will join the team as forwards in the class. Laila Rosenthal and Carrie Ellis, both midfielders, will also be joining the team. Rounding out the class are Evelin Dapprich and Emma Derry, both midfielders/defenders, and midfielder/forward Natalia O’Leary.

The incoming recruiting class provides much needed depth for the Rams which is something that they lacked this past season.

“With the transition in coaching we had a lot of roster turnover,” Jessee said. “We only had 21 on the roster and normally we should have around 24-26.” Along with the newly added depth Jessee noted that this class provides more talent to the roster as well as position upgrades.

One specific position on the team that needed help was their outside backs on defense. With this class she added that help by adding four outside backs. This was a position that was especially in need of depth. Adding a left footed left back was something that Jessee was specifically looking to add on defense and did just that when Fitzgerald committed to the Rams. Another position in need of depth and a possible upgrade was goalkeeper and Jessee was able to add that as well.

The priority addition to the team and top recruit in this incoming class, according to Jessee, is Morrissey. Jessee said that Morrissey is expected to challenge for the starting goaltender spot. Morrissey is the oldest member of the class and is around one year older than 10 of the other recruits. In addition to this she was a member of the Under 19 Australian National team in 2018 and was named the Women’s Premier League Goalkeeper of the Year in 2015.

Unlike the other recruits in the class Jessee had to recruit Morrissey through the internet. According to Jessee, Morrissey actually contacted her when she sent her an e-mail expressing her interest in playing for the Rams. Most of their conversations were over the phone and through Skype. Morrissey eventually chose URI over the University of Florida and the University of Tennessee.

Also, with this class Jessee was looking to bring in recruits that fit more to her coaching style. She has only been the head coach for two seasons and not everyone on the current roster fits her style.

“This was my first real recruiting class,” Jessee said. “I’m excited for the class, from an athletic standpoint, the numbers depth, the unique styles of play, some of which we don’t have on the roster and some of those will compliment what we already have.”

On top of the added depth, each player in this class brings something different to the table.

“Everyone in this group adds a different element to the team,”

Jessee said. She is excited about the class and is ready to see what they will do next season. Besides roster depth and position upgrades, Jessee said that she hopes this class helps push the girls that are currently on the roster to work harder and compete for a starting spot and playing time. Jessee also expects that this incoming class will make an impact for her team at some point next season.