Keke Palmer brings big personality on new podcast

Keke Palmer’s new podcast, “Baby This is Keke Palmer,” is streaming exclusively on Amazon Music. PHOTO CREDIT:

Keke Palmer is an actress, singer, and now host of her own podcast. Streaming exclusively on Amazon Music, “Baby, It’s Keke Palmer” features the eponymous personality on hour-long discussions about a variety of topics in pop culture. 

In the few weeks since the show’s arrival, Palmer has already featured numerous guests and covered many subjects. The premise is essentially just Palmer chatting about anything and everything, so fans are sure to enjoy her bubbly personality as she speaks her mind. 

In the show’s first episode, Palmer was joined by her mother and model Blac Chyna. Each episode opens up with a fun jazz-hip hop tune, with lyrics sung by Palmer herself, of course. It’s definitely a nice touch and sets a relaxed tone for the rest of the episode. 

During the pilot, Palmer and Co. discussed the content subscription site OnlyFans and its impact on its creators, as well as stereotypes portrayed in the media. There’s a funny dynamic between Palmer and her mother as their generational disconnect results in some hilarious moments of confusion. Other topics included child acting, relationships, and even classic sitcoms. 

“Hey y’all, I’m really glad you’re all joining on my very first podcast ever!” Palmer exclaimed.

“We are going to have some fun and gags. Each week I’m going to go down the rabbit hole on a topic I’m fascinated with. From the existential to the inconsequential, from culture to pop culture to pop science.”

It’s true. The episodes play out like casual conversations you’d have with a friend, with all the silly questions and random tangents included.

Later in the episode, Chyna sits for an interview with Palmer, where they chat about Chyna’s career, upbringing, and notable success on OnlyFans. Chyna also dispels rumors claiming that she had made $240 million dollars, and Palmer gives some sound advice on navigating a career in the entertainment industry. 

“I moved to Miami when I was 20, and I was living on campus at Johnson & Wales University. I had to figure out how to get quick money so I’ve always worked a job, like, I’ve worked at Golden Corral, Shoe City, Uno’s, Hooters. Then I got into dancing. So yeah, when the money came in I moved to Miami from [Washington] D.C. and never looked back,” Chyna said about her early career. 

Their conversation is particularly fun to listen to, as both celebrities share great comedic chemistry together. Palmer has a special knack for making her guests feel comfortable and open to 

So far, the weekly podcast has a lot of potential. It’s funny, interesting, and surprisingly informative at times, which makes for a great casual listen. The show’s format isn’t too dissimilar from most podcasts out there, but this is more so a personality-driven show. Palmer’s amusing enthusiasm and passion about the topics she discusses is what keeps viewers watching. “Baby, It’s Keke Palmer” is streaming new episodes every Tuesday on Amazon Music. This show is one to look for, especially if you’re a fan.