Butting heads: DC vs. Marvel

Two authors go head to head to determine which is better… DC or Marvel. Graphic by: Maddie Bataille | Photo Editor

Jake Fahey:

In terms of the comics, it’s obvious to state that DC has the more remarkable characters in their roster, some which Marvel went as far as borrowing traits from to make some of their characters. 

However, what makes Marvel’s characters more remarkable is how they are portrayed, as they are shown to act and have problems either with their powers or like regular people would. 

The most famous example of this can be seen in Spiderman, as he is only a high-school student, basically has no money and he has to learn how to responsibly use the power that he has for good, things that people of the same age can relate to and learn from. 

Some other great examples are the Hulk, someone who unwillingly distances himself from others due to the raging monster that lies inside him, which can be seen as an allegory for one’s inner demons or mental struggles. Another example is the X-Men, a group of genetically altered humans who are looked down upon by the rest of society, which can be an allegory for racism and discrimination. 

These individuals chose to fight to help save society from various threats because at the end of the day it’s simply the right thing to do. Despite the fact that these characters have superpowers, the various themes surrounding them help ground them and better connect them to our own world. 

Then there’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Say what you want about its current quality, but you cannot deny the major impact that it has had on pop culture as a whole. The idea of creating a cinematic universe would have been seen as something inconceivable fifteen years ago, but because the creators behind these projects had a plan that actually built up to something it delivered. 

Now that practically everyone knows about the MCU, many Marvel stories, locations, and characters are known by more people than ever before. I believe because of how wide reaching it is now, people will still remember them for years to come.

To sum it up, Marvel does a better job of creating more relatable characters that face real world problems, and the MCU brought all of that to their audience which is now bigger than ever was before.

David Broccoli:

I love comic books, and I love the superheroes in them. The first ever superhero I fell in love with was Batman. His entire storyline is so dark and so interesting to me, it sounds awful but it’s really cool. 

His villains are also really cool and have their own unique backstories as well. Catwoman is my favorite because of how slick and agile she is; also, the Bat and the Cat are an iconic couple. They’re much more interesting than any Marvel couple.

Yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot better than the DC Cinematic Universe. However, the television shows and animated movies are better than any Marvel ones by a longshot. Also, the DC video games are so much better than the Marvel ones. 

All the Lego DC games and “Injustice” games have more popularity than any Marvel game that’s been released in the past years.

Now, fans like to compare heroes and villains from each universe, and I just have to say that many characters from Marvel are copies of DC characters. Examples like Black Cat (Catwoman copy), Hawkeye (Green Arrow copy), Thanos (Darkseid copy) and a whole bunch more.

DC also has one of the most iconic female villains in history, Harely Quinn. She is hands down the most famous comic book character in history due to her chaotic charm and psychotic humor. She’s also a part of the iconic trio “The Gotham City Sirens” with Poison Ivy and Catwoman, which is arguably the best lady trio in the comic book world.

At every comic con convention, there are so many more people dressed up as those three villainesses than there are of Black Widow or Scarlet Witch. Wonder Woman is also a very common outfit too.

In conclusion, DC is better because we have Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and we also have better television shows, animated movies and video games.