Butting Heads: Easter Candy

Two authors go head to head to determine which is better… Reese’s Eggs or York Eggs? Graphic by: Maddie Bataille | Photo Editor

Juliana Lepore

First of all, sorry David, but what even is a York Egg? And is it nearly as iconic as THE Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg? Absolutely not. 

I am a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup stan. They always have been and forever will be my favorite candy. I love when each holiday comes around and they come out with the holiday versions of Reese’s: Reese’s Trees for Christmas, Reese’s Pumpkins for Halloween, but my absolute favorite holiday Reese’s is the Reese’s Egg for Easter.

It’s something about the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate in the holiday shapes that make them the superior Reese’s cup. A Reese’s Egg, cold from being in the fridge, eaten right after my big Easter Sunday meal with my family will never get old.

They have other Easter versions of Reese’s that I always receive in my basket from my grandma, like the mini Reese’s wrapped in pastel aluminum to have that spring feel, and Reese’s bunnies, which are a big chocolate bunny filled with peanut butter.

But nothing will ever compare to the Reese’s Egg. I have a big bag of them in my fridge right now. I am eating one as I write this. They just hit differently.

Back to the first sentence of this, what even is a York Egg? Who even eats York candies? Sounds like a rip-off of the Reese’s egg to me. I like peppermint, but the peanut butter chocolate combo is elite. End of discussion.

David Broccoli

Now I like Reese’s in any shape or form. However, the egg is the WORST SHAPE. Sorry not sorry. The original Reese’s shape is the best one. But I’m not here to defend the Reese’s egg. The best egg is the York Peppermint Patty egg.

I get this in my Easter basket every year, and every year I eat about an entire bag of them during easter. They are just so addicting and so delicious. Who doesn’t love mint and chocolate together…it’s like a solid form of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Now, I understand that everyone loves Reese’s, and I do too. However, they are so melty and they get gross after eating two of them. The peanut butter center gets a weird chalky and sandy texture after eating a few of them, and then you feel disgusting.

With York’s, you don’t feel gross at all, you feel fresh and energized. Especially when you freeze them, the minty center becomes chewy and ice cream-like. 

Reese’s may have fun shapes, but so do York’s. They have Snowflakes, which are prettier than the Reese’s trees, Egg shaped for Easter and even a full York bunny for Easter, York hearts for Valentine’s, Bats and Pumpkins for Halloween and they even had a Limited Edition Pink Pattie with a pink-dyed filling where the proceeds were donated to breast cancer research through the Young Survival Coalition. 

I don’t think Reese’s ever did that with their candy…

Nothing is more satisfying than breaking apart a York patty and hearing the sound of it when it breaks. It also doesn’t get all gross and melty as a Reese’s egg does sitting out for more than a minute.

Now the York egg might not be as iconic as the Reese’s egg, I’ll give you that Juliana. But is it as good…not really. 

Also, Reese’s keeps coming out with these new additions to their candy, it’s a little too much; they are overdoing it. It’s like when a movie comes out and then three more unneeded sequels come out in a span of two years.