The Cigar celebrates Earth Day

What do you enjoy most about earth? Graphic by: Maddie Bataille | Photo Editor

Juliana Lepore: Editor-in-Chief 

I, like most people who grow up near water, am a sucker for a good sunset over the water. I grew up in a little town wedged between two lakes, and one of my favorite activities during the summer when I’m home is driving down to the lake to watch the sunset. When I’m in RI, obviously nothing can beat a nice sunset at Camp Cronin during the warm months, or even the cold months. Honestly, I just love lakes, oceans, rivers and any large body of water. I can’t imagine living somewhere with no beach or anything. I love the atmosphere of people driving their boats around in the summertime, fishing, jet skiing, country music playing – such a good vibe.

Ronan Himelrick: Managing Editor 

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the Earth is hiking. I love getting outside and exploring all that Earth has to offer. One of my favorite spots to hike and explore is right here in Rhode Island! Scarborough State Beach in Narragansett has an amazing cliff walk hiking trail. In my short time living in Rhode Island, this has become my favorite place to explore and connect with nature. Personally, finding a good rock to sit on and watch the waves while feeling the ocean breeze is my favorite aspect of Scarborough, and something that I look forward to doing everytime I visit. 

Liz Fusco: News Editor 

I can’t think of Earth Day without giving a shout out to my mom, who was born on Earth Day herself! Happy birthday, Mom! My mom, and my dad, brought me up with a love for the outdoors and our planet, whether that was through little things, like our backyard — where I’ve had so many fond family dinners, swims in our pools and times spent with my dogs — or bigger things like summer trips to the beach growing up. But when I think of Earth Day, I think of the biggest part of our Earth — the Ocean. 71% of our planet is made up of the ocean, and there is nothing I love more than setting sail on my dad’s little inflatable he’s set up for me every year since I was a teenager, and taking a swim just outside of the Bay. I mean, I grew up in “the Ocean State” after all. 

Claudia Stepien: News Editor 

Although I am a devout night owl, I absolutely adore forcing my friends out of bed so we can drive to the ocean in the early morning and watch the sunrise. Watching the pinks, purples, yellows and oranges reflect off the blue waves is always therapeutic. I like to think that the historic practice of sending nervous women out to the seaside to heal actually works, and that the feeling of salt air and sound of waves crashing soothes all my worries.

David Broccoli: Entertainment Editor

I love going for walks outside and in general just being outside. One of my favorite things to do outside is going to Beavertail lighthouse during the summer at night to watch the sunset. I will call up my friends or just show up to their house and take them to the lighthouse. Beforehand, we will get some food to eat at the lighthouse and just sit for an hour and watch as the color of the sky goes from blue to purple to pink, and then to orange, and then black. I also love the crash of the waves onto the rocks that I sit on with my friends watching the sun go down.

Alexa Potamianos: Newscast Editor 

When the weather warms up I love to spend as much time as possible, but in my book nothing quite beats a night walk. Walking through campus with nothing other than my thoughts and the stars brings me peace. The stars remind me that the world is so much bigger than my little bubble. The stars give me hope. Taking a night walk is refreshing and the cool air is exhilarating as the worries of the week slowly fade away.

Maddie Bataille: Photo Editor

What I love about the earth is that it reminds me to slow down during the busy day. I have a big appreciation for both the sunset and sunrise. Getting to take those two parts of the day to just slow down and appreciate the moment reminds me that life really is beautiful and I do have time. When I have a bad day I can always count on the sun to rise again. 

Nathan Robillard: Sports Editor

I absolutely love hiking and experiencing nature in its purest form. In a world where we are constantly plugged in and connected, I find that this is one of the only ways where I can truly escape and clear my mind. I have been lucky enough to travel to Yellowstone, Zion, and Grand Teton National Parks over the years, exploring breathtaking views from mountainous terrain to endless national forestland. For me, the farther out I can get the better. This summer, I plan to travel to Zion once again to hike the famous Angel’s Landing trail, one that is famous for its extremely narrow and deadly mountaintop stretch. Something about the far reaches of Earth that technology cannot reach and humans cannot control is beautiful to me, as it represents absolute peace in nature. Nature can be unpredictable and uncontrollable, and that should be embraced, not feared! 

Aidan Cahill: Web Editor 

When the weather gets warm, it’s the perfect excuse to go outside and explore. Rhode Island, and if you’re willing to travel more than fifteen minutes, New England as a whole, has an almost endless array of places to go. Almost nowhere matches the sheer diversity and range of environments within day-trip distance. Drive for an hour or two up North or West and you’re in the rolling hills of the Green, White, or Berkshire mountains. A short drive South or West brings you right to the shores of the Atlantic. There’s beautiful nature to explore almost everywhere in between, too. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain, kayaking or hanging out at the beach, there’s almost nothing better than the beauty of New England.

Jenny Arnold: Social Media Coordinator 

As an exercise enthusiast, Earth has a special place in my heart. There are so many fun and adventurous ways to exercise outside. I enjoy going on runs around my hometown, and relaxing in my backyard after on my hammock. I love hiking and have done some cool trails in Hawaii, and am looking forward to going to Arizona in a couple of weeks.

Nils Fimmers: Production Manager 

Nature is something we take for granted, whether on a societal level or an individual level. Growing up, I was in the boy scouts and regularly camped, went fishing, and hiked all over New England. I never thought much of how lucky I was to get to see as much of nature as I did. Now that I mostly sit inside and work at a desk, I always yearn for days in nature again. When I do finally get them, I take an extra second to appreciate the world around me. I think Earth day is a great time for us to take that same moment on a societal level.

Molly Cronin: Business Manager

I am an Earth enthusiast each and every day. I love the desert, the ocean and every bit of nature in between. I grew up in a camping family and so I learned quickly just how amazing the Earth is. Earth is sustenance, wonder and mystery. It grows the food we nourish ourselves with and provides a space where we can grow families and societies. The views are also pretty nice but beyond that the Earth is the most important bit of life I have become acquainted with.