Top 30 favorite songs

I love listening to music 24/7, and I love all kinds of music. I mainly enjoy listening to Korean Pop music and have been a huge fan of multiple K-Pop groups and soloists since 2018.

So, I’m rating my top 30 songs, and since there are that many let’s get going. Disclaimer: I love all of these songs the same and will never say I hate any of them, they are all my favorites.

  1. “I CAN’T STOP ME” by TWICE is my all time number one favorite song forever and always. Everything about this song is amazing: the production, the outfits, the choreography and the vocals. Jeongyeon’s voice on the last chorus of the song is the most heavenly thing I have ever heard and will never stop loving hearing her sing it.
  1. “DON QUIXOTE” by Seventeen is just perfect in every way. Wonwoo’s rap verse will never not be iconic, alluring and amazing. Hoshi, Woozi, DK and Seungkwan singing the pre-chorus is so pleasing to listen to when I hear it as well.
  1. “Magic Carpet Ride” by NCT 127 is so beautiful and so lovely. Yuta’s enticing vocals shine through in this song and make me ascend into heaven. I also love Mark’s very short but iconic rap verse right before the last chorus.
  1. “Maniac” by Stray Kids is so awesome and has a great beat to it. Felix’s voice on the chorus and his rap verse is just so cool because of how deep his voice can go. I also really love the choreography and was attempting to do it at their concert
  1. “Separate Ways” by Journey is just an awesome song that I love with my entire being. My dad played it on the way home from our vacation in New Hampshire and I head-banged to it while he was trying to drive.
  1. “Gone” by TWICE is just so heavenly and flawless. Nayeon and Jeongyeon’s choruses were amazing, and Jihyo took the cake with her powerful and godly high-note at the end.
  1. “Wildside” by Red Velvet is the best Japanese song ever in my opinion. All five of the members are just so talented and their voices are so pristine and strong.
  1. “HOT” by Seventeen is my favorite title track by Seventeen. DK’s vocals on the pre-chorus are absolutely spectacular and alluring. Minghao and Mingyu on the chorus was ethereal, and of course Wonwoo and his rap verse is my favorite part.
  1. “Kick It” by NCT 127 is my favorite title track by NCT 127. Mark and Taeyong’s rap verses back-to-back is so stunning and so unbelievably incredible. The four main vocalists, Taeil, Doyoung, Jaehyun and Haechan singing the bridge are so beautiful too. 
  1. “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” by TWICE is so charming and elegant. Chaeyong and Momo’s back-to-back rap verses were so good, and Mina’s vocals were just divine. I love the set design in the music video and the choreography as well.
  1. “Perfect World” by TWICE is another one of my all time favorite Japanese songs. This song is TWICE’s best Japanese release, and Mina had a rap verse that was just so iconic. The choreography is really intense and very unique.
  1. “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston is one of my favorite songs by Whitney Houston. Her voice is so effortlessly powerful it’s like she’s not even breaking a sweat.
  1. “Genie” by Girls’ Generation is my favorite track by this group. Taeyeon’s ending chorus and ad-lib high-notes are completely out of this world.
  1. “Sun & Moon” by NCT 127 left my jaw on the ground when I first listened to it. I literally started to tear up because of how enchanting and graceful this song is with six out of the nine members’ vocals on it. Especially Taeil and Jaehyun’s vocals.
  1. “To You” by Seventeen also left my jaw on the ground and brought me to tears when I first listened to it. The vocals on this song are just so magnificent and breathtaking, all 13 of the members’ voices were amazing.
  1. “Anyone” by Seventeen is just perfect in all aspects. The music video is so cool and all the members killed it with the choreography. Vernon only got one line, but he stole the show with his one line.
  1. “Love On The Floor” by NCT 127 is so groovy and hip. The choreography is very unique and their live performance of this song is so perplexing. Haechan and Yuta’s voice on the pre-chorus was just incredible.
  1. “SOS” by TWICE is so aesthetically pleasing and enchanting. It’s just a very beautiful song and all nine of the members’ voices are just perfect.
  1. “Psycho” by Red Velvet will forever be their most iconic and stylish title track. Wendy and Seulgi singing the pre-chorus is mine and a lot of other fans favorite part of the song. 
  1. “Phobia” by Stray Kids is one of their best b-side tracks in my opinion. I repeat this a lot, but Felix and Hyunjin’s back-to-back rap verses were just so phenomenal and cool.
  1. “MOONLIGHT” by TWICE is an amazing song to listen to during the summer or even all-year around. It’s a great song to dance to and I’ve given myself whiplash dancing to it.
  1. “LOCO” by ITZY is so crazy good…that was funny come on. The choreography and music video are outstanding, and seeing this live was an out of body experience.
  1. “Butterflies” by Red Velvet is a very sweet and cute song. I love listening to it when I’m down and it makes me feel just so happy.
  1. “Freeze” by Stray Kids is absolutely astonishing. Felix’s deep raspy voice on his rap verse as well as Changbin’s unbelievably fast rap verses too are utter perfection. 
  1. “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” by NCT U is such a bop and so astounding. Shotaro’s dancing is so sharp and flawless that I cheer him on when watching the music video. Xiaojun and Doyoung’s vocals are just so ravishing and powerful too.
  1. “Fast Pace” by Seventeen is amazing, perfect, stupendous and everything in between. DK and Woozi’s vocals on the chorus again made me rise up into heaven. S. Coups, Wonwoo and Vernon’s rap verses were really creative and smooth as well.
  1. “90s Love” by NCT U is such a good dance and singing song. Sungchan and Mark’s rap verses were sensational, and Haechan’s high notes also made me ascend into heaven.
  1. “Dream” by Seventeen is another one of my favorite Japanese songs, and in my opinion, it’s Seventeen’s best Japanese title track. Wonwoo’s rapping is sensational as always, and Joshua’s vocals singing the pre-chorus and chorus is exquisite. 
  1. “Candy Sugar Pop” by Astro is such a lovely and sweet song. It’s a very groovy song with an 80s vibe, and it also has a very cool summery vibe as well. JinJin and Rocky’s rap verses were amazing, and the four vocalist members’ voices were perfect.
  1. “Spring Love” by Stevie B is just an awesome classic song that I love listening to in the car. It’s so groovy and catchy, and I have my mother to thank for showing me this song.

Again, I love all of these songs with all of my heart, and I listen to them all the time. I suggest all of these songs because they are just so good and perfect.