5 Seconds of Summer explores discography at new tour

I went to see the 5 Seconds of Summer Show on August 13, 2023 and it was, without a doubt, the best concert I have ever been to in my life.

Now, let me just preface by saying this: I have been a die-hard fan of 5 Seconds of Summer for 10 years. I have seen them perform on every tour they’ve gone on, and this was my eighth time seeing them live. No other show of theirs had a lasting effect on me the way that this one did.

For starters, this show had the most diverse setlist of theirs that I’ve seen in a while. It’s no secret that artists will usually tour to promote their most recent album, resulting in the setlist consisting primarily of their new songs. 5SOS took a different approach with this show, seamlessly incorporating songs from all of their albums into a 28-song concert.

That is what makes this tour stand out amongst their past tours. Instead of listening to only their most recent, most popular songs, you were transported back in time.

The 5 Seconds of Summer Show catered to all audiences. They played the songs that everyone knows, like “She Looks So Perfect” and “Youngblood” so that the parents in the audience could sing along. They played songs off of their new album, like “Carousel” and “You Don’t Go to Parties.” My favorite part was the inclusion of songs that they played for their “niche” audience. They played songs that only people who have been following them since their start in 2011 would know. 

Not only did the setlist encompass their whole discography, but the show itself was a beautiful blend of homages to the “17-year-old underwear band” 5SOS era while also representing the way that they have matured as a band today 

Back in the day, the members of 5SOS were truly just a bunch of teenage boys. Their first tour was called “Rock Out with your Socks Out,” they posted prank videos of themselves on Vine and other platforms and they wrote a song just about how guitarist Michael Clifford loved pizza. They were young, loveable and fun. 

Nowadays, the band is not the same that they used to be. They traded in lyrics like “American Apparel underwear” for a more mature sound. They lost the skinny jeans and started wearing eye glitter. 

5SOS did things during this show that reminded me of “the olden days,” like when they brought out giant ketchup and mustard bottles that said “get sauced” and shot red and yellow confetti into the audience. Other things about the show reminded me of the band they’ve grown into, like their outfits and their commentary in between songs. 

Not only has 5SOS matured as a band and as men, but their fans have grown and matured alongside them, which never fails to make me cry. Their audience used to be full of pre-teen girls with braces, yet now it’s full of grown women in their 20’s. We all grew up as 5SOS did. Their fan base is loyal.

Now, we cannot talk about this show without talking about the dice. The band introduced this new concept where they had a giant inflatable dice that they threw into the audience. On each side of the dice, there was the name of a different, older song of theirs that they haven’t played in years – and songs that the band themselves notoriously hate. Whatever the dice landed on when it made it back on stage to the band, they had to play.

I attended this concert with our former news editor, Liz, and for 24 hours leading up to the show, all we could talk about was how we wanted the dice to land on their 2014 ABSOLUTE BANGER “English Love Affair.” 

And then, the dice landed on “English Love Affair.”

To say that we lost our minds was an understatement. The song that leads up to the dice song is “Don’t Stop,” which is another 2014 banger from their first album, which already had me drenched in sweat and panting. I needed to take at least eight deep breaths through the nose to compose myself after “English Love Affair.”

The other song that they performed that is one of my favorites was their song “Outer Space” off of their second album. This is my favorite 5 Seconds of Summer song, and my favorite song of all time. They have not performed it on tour in FIVE YEARS. And they played it during the encore.

I could write a four page paper about just that song itself, how underrated it is, how it is a lyrical masterpiece and how it’s gotten me through some of the hardest points in my life. To hear it live for the first time since 2018, the band harmonizing during the chorus, the audience singing along – I’m speechless just thinking about it.

“The 5 Seconds of Summer Show” overall was an interactive fan experience that the band hasn’t had in the past. The energy in the room was electric and palpable – nobody had a bad time. I walked out of the venue buzzing and didn’t stop buzzing for a whole 24 hours. No concert ever – not even other 5SOS concerts – have left me feeling that impacted.

If you’ve ever considered seeing the boys of 5SOS in concert, I 100% recommend that you do. Whether you’re a die-hard fan like me, a fan who only knows their singles, or you get dragged along by one of your friends, I guarantee you that you will not have a bad time. Their music is beyond energetic and their charisma will keep you engaged the whole show.