Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift: NFL meets pop culture

If you haven’t heard the names Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce over the last month, you have been living under a rock.

I am not a Travis and Taylor stan, however I do consider myself to be a bit of an expert on the topic, because every time the two of them interact with each other, my entire For You Page on TikTok becomes videos of that interaction.

To be honest, I’m still kind of on the fence about how I feel in regards to these two and whether they are a legitimate couple, or if they’re doing it for publicity. I go back and forth on this every day, but right now I think they’re in this “hybrid” phase, where they are a real couple but have gotten wrapped up in the attention from the media and now do things on purpose that they know will blow up.

For example, this past weekend, Swift was performing on her “Eras Tour” in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the night was full of public displays of affection. First, Kelce was sitting in the VIP tent with Swift’s dad, which is on the floor of the arena and completely visible to the fans. Everyone knew he was there. He could have sat in a private suite upstairs, but he was practically on display the entire night.

Then, during the finale of her show, Swift changed the lyrics in her song “Karma” to say “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” She says that she’s a mastermind, and she knows exactly what she’s doing with this. Every news outlet covered this in the coming days.

Lastly, after the show, where they both knew they could be seen, Swift came off the stage and RAN into Kelce’s arms with a kiss. They could’ve embraced backstage or at the hotel, but no. They did it where they knew people could see them.

So, how did the two of them meet anyway? Let’s look at a loose timeline, according to

Everything really started to “kick off” at the end of September when Swift was spotted watching the Kansas City Chiefs game in a suite with Kelce’s mom, Donna. Ever since, the media has been OBSESSED with the couple, and pretty much every major outlet is constantly covering everything that they do.

One week and plenty of Taylor Swift innuendos during NFL commentary later, Swift was once again at a Chiefs game vs. the Jets at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. A few days later, Kelce commented on the coverage during a podcast episode with his brother Jason, who is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, saying that the NFL has been “overdoing it” with the Swift jokes.

Oct. 14: they’re spotted on a date in NYC. Superfans of Swift even zoomed in on the photos of the night onto Kelce’s face, claiming that they could see some of Swifts foundation around his mouth area *wink wink*.

Oct. 23: the infamous photo of Swift kissing Kelce on the cheek next to Kelce’s teammate Mecole Hardman Jr. and his girlfriend surfaced. This one almost broke the internet, I’m convinced.

And that brings us to the current day, with the Argentina stop on the tour I mentioned earlier. Celebrities and people online are starting to comment on engagement for the couple, which I think is kind of ridiculous. They just met a couple of months ago and they’re having fun.

The media loves to take these things and run, but the constant coverage is a little ridiculous. The media coverage on Swift and Kelce has gotten a bunch of teenage girls and young adult women to be tuning into the NFL, which is not the NFL’s usual audience. Have they been pushing this to get more publicity on the league as a whole? Possibly.

I say let them have their fun and shut up about it now. If they get engaged, good for them! If not, we’ll get another fantastic Taylor Swift breakup album. Sounds like a win-win to me.