Students herd to Memorial Union for Rebranding Week’s Stuff-a-Ram

The University of Rhode Island Office of Student Involvement hosted their signature Stuff-a-Ram event on Wednesday, Jan. 31 in the main lounge of the Memorial Union, allowing students to grab a free stuffed ram on a first-come first-serve basis.

The Stuff-a-Ram is the third of a four-event week that Student Involvement is calling “Rebranding Week.” This is a celebration of the new logo that Student Involvement unveiled this semester. Their idea is to use the rebrand as an opportunity to spread the word about what they do and how they help get students involved.

“So we have a new look,” Julia Al-Amir, the graduate assistant for the Student Involvement, said. “We have a new logo for our office. This is just a week to advertise that logo and spread awareness.”

Al-Amir, who goes by “Juju,” said that on Monday the group handed out free tumblers with their new logo. On Tuesday they handed out free chocolate bars, again with the logo. The stuffed rams boasted Student Involvement t-shirts, and on Thursday, Feb. 1 personalized luggage tags were decorated with Student Involvement designs on them and then distributed to students. Al-Amir mentioned you can follow Student Involvement on Instagram: @uri.officeofsi as well as their Facebook: URI Office of Student Involvement.

Student Involvement made sure to express their gratitude on their Instagram, showing that these events have been a success for the organization. Many students showed their dedication to such events with a few mentioning how long they had waited in line.

“I’ve been here since 2:30 p.m., the line started at 3:00 p.m.,” one student said. At the time of the interview, it was 5 p.m..

Students also mentioned that they follow the Student Involvement page on Instagram, which has over 4,100 followers. Their page is also very active, with five posts since the start of Rebranding Week.

Students have also mentioned that the part about Student Involvement they like the most is the free items. When asked about what events pique their interest many cite giveaways as a big draw.

“People love free stuff,” a participant said. “Any event with things like cups or handbags.”

Michael Nolfe, the coordinator of major events, was assisting in handing out stuffing, rams and “special wishes,” which were small hearts that would go inside the ram with words and phrases such as “friendship” and “wishes and dreams.”

“We want students to realize that there is a lot going on at URI and our office is just one of many departments or organizations that puts on events,” Nolfe said. “We’re trying to spread the word that there are so many student organizations.”

The organization is primarily attempting to reach freshmen and transfer students, especially those with the belief that there is not much to do on campus, Nolfe said. He mentioned that future events such as bingo nights and block parties are certainly on the way. He specifically mentioned the student organization fair, which occurred Tuesday in the Memorial Union ballroom.

More information surrounding events can be found on the Student Involvement’s website at