Allie Herrera

Marissa Tansino, Jessica Pace, and Allie Herrera report on this week's top stories.
University of Rhode Island journalism students report on this week's headlines.
Reporters Allie Herrera and Marissa Tansino report on this week's top stories.
As she searched through a wooden desk looking for pictures of her two children, Associate Professor Celest Martin remembered the day her son was diagnosed with autism 26 years ago at the age of 2. “I cried, but being an academic, the next day I went to the library and...
The University of Rhode Island is made up of 1,245 acres, a striking amount for students to maneuver around during the winter months, but for students with disabilities, this distance is even greater. The Office of Disability Services for Students at URI will attend to nearly 1,600 students this academic...
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