Kate Rogerson

Something really cool about the University of Rhode Island is that we are a big-time Division 1 university with an immense amount of resources and connections at the grasp of our fingertips. But at the same time, this kind of environment is unique because we have the ability to create our communities and connections due to being smaller. I have always enjoyed being a member of the Cigar because you put your skills to the test. It's your chance to take a chance, grow, learn and become better. Being the newscast editor/director/person in charge allows me to show my passion for my career and transfuse that passion in others. URI and the Cigar have the chance to put journalism on the map - there is no reason why we can't be the next Syracuse or Emerson or big-time known school. Taking things like this seriously and being passionate about them will take us to higher levels into our professional careers.

12/6/19 Newscast

Watch our last newscast of 2019! Blue Lights: Written, shot, and edited by Leah Crowley Fitness Classes: Written, edited, and shot by Nicole Wagner Senior Percussion Recital: Written by Evan McAlice and Ian Weiner Shot by Kayla Michaud Rhody Sports Corner: Written, edited, and shot by Kate Rogerson Tech...

11/21/19 Newscast

Check out our first newscast in the new studio! - - - Anchored by Nolan Reilly and Evan McAlice. Key Log Rolling: Written and edited by Leah Crowley. Shot by Leah Crowley and Olivia Ouellette 193 Coffee House: Written, edited, and shot by Leah Crowley. Senior Percussion Recital: Written by...
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