Lis Gomez

Girl Dinner’: chaotic meals of womanhood

You’ve probably heard the phrase “girl dinner” circling on social media. Some have had it without knowing of the concept and its meaning. Some dislike hearing the saying and others live by it. Some days are mentally and physically harder than others, and during those days shifting your efforts to making a nutritious meal seems…

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Markings, meanings, everything In between: students tell the stories behind their tattoos part 23

Let’s talk about new beginnings and fresh starts.  Change is inevitable, but making change in order to open new doors takes real courage. Along with recently transferring to the University of Rhode Island as a third-year, Emmett Cummins from Providence, R.I. made the permanent decision to get a tattoo.  The reason for getting tattoos varies…

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‘It’s Been a Long Time Coming’: Taylor Swift’s tour captivates worldwide

The Taylorpalooza era is here and it’s unstoppable, even for the world’s largest ticket marketplace, Ticketmaster.  With 3.5 million individuals pre-registering to acquire Eras Tour tickets, Ticketmaster’s site collapsed during the presale back in December, and the corporation paused sales and subsequently canceled the scheduled general sale after hours of waiting and oversold tickets.  After…

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