News You Should Know

By Jennifer Storch

Contributing News Reporter

World News

Almost half of Syria’s population is fleeing the country to be among over four million displaced refugees. This number is increasing and has doubled over this past year. Many are taking refuge in Europe, mostly in Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Denmark. Germany, has accepted the highest number of refugees and has declared they reached their limit, deeming it a crisis. Germany has set up border controls in order to reduce the incoming migrants.

12 Mexican tourists and their Egyptian tour guides were killed in Egypt’s Western Desert after being mistaken for terrorists. 10 others were injured and taken to hospitals for emergency treatment. This number includes one U.S. citizen. The area was bombed by helicopters and other air forces. The SUV’s carrying the victims were in an area banned to the public due to security and safety reasons.

Semolina’s Women’s Basketball team has just overcame all odds and won The Arab Games. Due to an ongoing civil war and a shattered sports organization, the women have had to practice in police headquarters for only two to three hours per day. This, all with a target on their backs and a need to be protected by security at all times. The game took place in East Africa and ended in a 57-67 victory. Athletes in Semolina are being targeted by an extreme militant Islamic group, Al Shabaab, which is connected to Al Qaeda.

National News

12 major banks have agreed on a settlement of $1.87 billion to clear up allegations of fixing prices of insurance-like products in order to exclude other investors. Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup are among the many banks accused of keeping trades private and cheating investors out of billions. The scheme is said to have started in the fall of 2008.  

Thousands are fleeing from their homes due to devastating wildfires occurring in northern California. Several hundred thousand acres of forest have been scorched and 180 homes have burned down from the flames. In addition, several firemen were severely injured while trying to control the situation. Firemen from across the globe have arrived to help contain the countless fires threatening northern and central California.

Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis spent six days in jail after refusing to license marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Davis refused due to her religious beliefs. She has become an extremely controversial figure, among other reasons, due to the fact that she conceived children out of wedlock, has been married four times, divorced three and has at least one known extramarital affair. She has asked the state to make accommodations for her beliefs and she cannot be fired because she was voted in. As of now, Davis’ assistant clerks have been licensing marriage certificates.  

Local News

A state trooper pulled over a car for having tinted windows and an expired registration in Warwick on I-95 late Wednesday afternoon. After smelling marijuana, police searched the car and a K9 discovered almost nine pounds of heroin disguised in coffee packaging in a box of Ensure nutritional beverages. Kalen Antoine and Sergio Torres, the two men in the car, are facing up to $500,000 fines and up to 50 years in prison.

Providence firefighter troops came together for their annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony. Each year, they pay respect for those who lost their lives and honor those who sacrificed themselves to save others. Many of them also recall the traumatic experiences they had while searching for survivors for days after the horrific tragedy. Hundreds used to come and pay tribute, however, this year only a few dozen attended.

The average price of a regular gallon of gas in Rhode Island has recently dropped another three cents, making it just $2.30. This is three cents lower than the national average, as well as a quarter less than it was a month ago. Last year at this time, Rhode Islanders were paying $3.48 per gallon.