The Student Entertainment Committee (SEC), the same group who has brought the University of Rhode Island countless performers and entertainers, is back for another rocking year.

SEC has four subcommittees, including Concerts, Special Events, VIP and Advertising. Each subcommittee meets weekly and students have the opportunity to let their voice be heard and make suggestions for upcoming events.

In previous years, SEC has brought performers like Big Sean, Seth Myers, Iggy Azalea, Chance The Rapper, and many more artists to hit the stage at the university. This Fall, the Concerts committee has Passion Pit lined up as the first artist to perform on Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. Doors for Passion Pit are opening at 7 p.m., and tickets are $15 for students and $20 for the public.

As for the Special Events committee, they have lined up Steve Martin and Martin Short for Family weekend at URI. Family weekend this year is scheduled for Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. with tickets varying from $25-$35 for students, $45-$55 for URI families, and $63-$85 for the general public.

The Concerts committee, run by President Michelle Caramadre, is hoping to bring two more concerts to the the university this year. Caramadre said that throughout the semester, SEC hosts at least four to six shows that are free, and are currently working on planning Winter Fest, which will take place between early November and December.

“We definitely have the money to do a lot of great things this year, and I’m very excited about it,” Caramadre said.

According to Caramadre, the concerts committee based their decision to bring Passion Pit through the different genres that were brought to URI last year.

“Some may say that New Politics and Passion Pit are kind of similar, but what makes them so different is that they can bring in a lot of different crowds,” Caramadre said.

Michael Angelakos, singer-songwriter of Passion Pit, started sharing songs back in 2007. Brent Katz, who wrote liner notes for the new Passion Pit album Kindred, said that Angelakos “matured as a person and an artist” over the years.

Caramadre said that the concerts committee along with other committees try to provide different options for everyone on campus through various genres.

“We really strive for acts that will bring in a lot of different people so that everyone on campus can be included,” Caramadre said.

Each year, the Student Entertainment Committee allows students to have the opportunity to apply to be on their Executive Board and/or become a general member for any of the subcommittees they offer. The executive positions offered include President, Vice President, Advertising Manager, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Caramadre, Senior at URI, has been president of the Concerts committee for two years. She and the other members of SEC have high hopes for this school year and for the upcoming shows this fall

“I do feel that Passion Pit is going to do really really well,” Caramadre said. “We are in the process of starting to advertise even more for this show and for Steve Martin and Martin Short.”

In the Spring, Caramadre is planning on bringing a hip-hop performer to the university and encourages everyone to stay on the lookout for this surprise guest.