Tipling Rock, an indie rock band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, has been breaking the mold for alternative and indie bands everywhere.

With influences such as Passion Pit, MGMT, Young the Giant, The Strokes and Phoenix, Tipling Rock has been creating a progressive sound since 2011. Tommy Schubert, drummer for the band, described their sound as “unique in the sense that we like alternative and indie but also appreciate progressive music, [and often experiment] with strange time signatures.” Schubert said they add synth into their songs to give them a bit of an edge, which has been catching people’s attention from all over New England.

Tipling Rock features Schubert on drums, Ben Andre on guitar and vocals, Matt Lewin on guitar, and Dillon Salkovitz on bass.

Originally, the band formed during their sophomore year of high school, and Tipling Rock has managed to maintain their status as a band despite the members being at different schools. In 2013, Schubert moved away from the rest of his band mates to study at The University of Rhode Island. The rest of the members attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. They practice bi-weekly and play shows regularly, using the summer months to write their new material.

The band has just announced that they are finishing up and will soon be releasing a single called “Staring”.  Additionally, the band will be releasing a music video for their most recent EP, entitled, “Punch Lines & Good Times”.  The music video will be a “DIY” style video, with some shots behind the scenes looks that show the process of making “Punch Lines & Good Times”.

Tipling Rock primarily performs in Boston and occasionally in Rhode Island. Over time, they have drawn in a crowd for their musical talent as well as their live performances. When performing live, they give nothing less than a quality show. Shubert recalled performing a set at a previous show where he was playing the drums so hard that he ended up busting a hole through the bass head without even realizing it.

Schubert explained how he honestly just loves playing music, and speaks very admirably of his band.

“Its really cool when people come up to you and say “Hey man, that was great!” and give you credit for the music,” Schubert said. He explained how as a whole, the band enjoys playing together and writing new songs.

“When everything comes together, it’s a really awesome feeling knowing that you finished a new song and it’s being produced,” Schubert said. “It’s a great feeling to hear it and have everything come together. Just knowing you made it and it’s all your own hard work- that’s an awesome feeling.”

Tipling Rock’s music can be found on Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as iTunes. The band is set to perform this October on the University of Rhode Island’s quad. Schubert encourages students to check out their Facebook for more information on the performance at https://www.facebook.com/tiplingrock?fref=ts.