Eight things you don’t know about Rhode Island:

Rhode Island is notorious on the east coast for a few conflicting things.  The Cigar brings you a list of some of the most bizarre laws, history and customs the smallest state has to offer:

  1.     Victory [over Japan] Day: That’s right. On Aug. 10 the state of Rhode Island shuts down to celebrate what may be one of the least PC (politically correct) holidays. Though R.I. now opts to call this late-summer day off “Victory Day,” let’s not forget that we are the only state to still celebrate the Allies victory over Japan during World War II.
  2.     It is illegal to buy cap guns in Rhode Island.  Buying, selling or possessing one of the toy guns is legally a criminal offense.
  3.     Have you seen a car with a vanity plate that reads something like “lo nmb3r”?  In Rhode Island it’s considered lucky to end up with a license plate with low numbers.
  4.     In Providence it is illegal to wear transparent clothing.
  5.     Milkshakes are called cabinets, and if you want sprinkles on your ice cream, ask for jimmies.
  6.     Rhode Island’s official name is actually the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.  In 2010 a ballot question offered a name change to Rhode Islanders to remove ‘’Providence Plantations” from the state’s official name because of concerns for its slavery connotations.  RI voted to keep the name, however.
  7.     State bird: Chicken. A Rhode Island Red, to be specific.
  8.     Newport is home to the country’s oldest operating tavern, White Horse Tavern, and the oldest synagogue, Touro Synagogue.