The University of Rhode Island Student Senate began its meeting in an unconventional way with a 15-minute recess. After reorganizing, the Senate made headway by reviewing the financial funding of The Photography Club.

The Photography Club is a recognized student organization and has seen a stable increase in membership and activity, therefore it has been resolved that the Student Senate grants The Photography Club a total of $1,846.00 to assist funding of new equipment. Senate had no opposition on the basis of funding this club, however Cody Anderson, the head of the Finance Committee, advised that the club only needs $1,520. This new price was reached because the committee re-valued how much the cameras would cost, thus allowing a lower denomination of funding.

Continuing with funding approvals, EURECA!, a club that educates and promotes a positive body image, became a funded student organization via unanimous vote. Additionally, Rhody Ruckus, a student-run organization that is known for unified cheering at Rhody Basketball games, became funded.

There was questioning from the Student Senate on why Rhody Ruckus needed funding such as, All I saw from Rhody Ruckus was cheering, do you guys have a governing system that will oversee operations?The President of Rhody Ruckus explained that Last year we formed an executive board, and this year we are already established. Now we have structure, and are ready to handle funding.On that same note the President of Rhody Ruckus emphasized that the organization wants to widen the scope of their cheering, so that eventually all Rhody sports will have a strong student section of fans who continue to promote school spirit.

Re-recognition for funded student organizations was due today and the Student Senate proudly voiced that 91 out of 120 groups finished all requirements for re-recognition on time. Eleven of the student organizations that didnt meet all requirements for re-recognition only lacked signatures and not materials. If a compromise was not reached with these student organizations and avoid having an organization become de-recognized and then re-recognized, the student organization would lose 50 percent of their funding and the remainder of the money that was lost to be frozen to the Financial Committee until April. However, Cody Anderson advised the Student Senate to extend the time period for these student organizations and after some argument the Senate voted to extend the time period.


The Student Senate looks to continue positive relations with the Narragansett community by organizing an off-campus cleanup around Oct. 25, the date is still pending.

The Ace of Cakes, a cake-decorating contest will take place the Monday before Thanksgiving.  

For fall elections there was a misprint that advertised six open Senate spots, when in reality there was only five open spots. This left the sixth man in the dust, but the Senate stressed that they did not want to discourage any candidates from the organization so they made a resolution to allow him to run for an internal office.