A newly recognized organization at the University of Rhode Island is giving students the opportunity to give back to the community. Volunteers Around the World is a nation-wide organization that works to bring healthcare and health education to impoverished communities.

“It make me feel really, I don’t want to sound cliche, but really happy just to know that I’m making a difference, that if somebody needs some assistance that there are other people in this world that will definitely try to strive for that,” said Paul Iturralde, VAW Vice President.

Students involved in VAW are being given the opportunity to visit Guatemala in January.

Nicole Aucoin, Co-Head of Committees said, “It’s very amazing to me. Coming to college I never thought I would go to different countries, but it’s very cool how we were able to make this all come together and actually make something happen as students.

Any student in any field can benefit from joining this organization.

“I know my friend that is in this is a political science major, so she’s learning about health and nursing. So there’s definitely a lot of education about things you never thought you’d learn about,” said Aucoin.

Members of this organization are currently fundraising for the upcoming trip to Guatemala as well as other trips they plan on taking in the future.