As fall takes its full swing into the University of Rhode Island, lots of changes are occurring. The leaves aren’t so green anymore, and some may even say they have turned a new leaf (literally). As the obvious changes are occurring, what about the music that is getting played around us?

A survey was conducted asking URI students if they agreed or disagreed with the theory that as the seasons change, so does your music playlist.

A total of 28 students took this survey, and 19 of them agreed with the theory and nine disagreed.

Those who agreed with the theory said that they tend to listen to more relaxing music as the fall comes around because it’s starting to get colder outside. Students who disagreed with the theory did so because they find themselves always listening to their favorites no matter what time of year it is.

Sarah Wendell, a URI senior who agreed with the statement, said she finds herself listening to more upbeat songs in the summer. During the nice weather, she said she loves rolling down the window in her car and singing the lyrics at the top of her lungs. Some songs on Wendell’s fall playlist include “Confident” by Demi Lovato, “Good For You” by Selena Gomez and “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes.

The Student Entertainment Committee Concerts president, Michelle Caramadre, also agreed that her playlist changes as the seasons change.

“I associate certain genres with different seasons,” Caramadre said. “For example, country music will always remind me of the summer time. Sometimes it feels out of place listening to country music during winter, however it’s still music that I like and won’t be opposed to listening to it occasionally during winter.”

Based on Caramadre’s response, it’s easy to identify that seasons definitely have an impact on what songs land on people’s playlist, but that doesn’t mean people won’t jam out to certain songs if they made their way to our speakers.

For others, the change in season and their music selection is the perfect time for one to reflect on past experiences.

Daniel McDonagh, a freshman at URI, looks forward to the change of his playlist for the season.

“As things get colder my music selection switches to more mellow lyrics,” McDonagh said. “That causes me to think back and reflect on my life. It’s a time for me to remember the good and the bad and acknowledge how it has changed me.”

McDonagh’s fall playlist includes “Sweater Weather” and “R.I.P. To My Youth” by The Neighbourhood.  

So it seems that many would agree with this theory, but certain students believe that the songs you listen to are not affected by seasons.

URI junior Cassidy McKeen disagreed with this statement based on her true love for country music.

“My playlists usually consist of country songs all year round,” McKeen said. “It’s just feel good, happy mood music. Along with the good ‘ol 90s and early-2000s throwbacks, you can never go wrong with them. But I will say, in the summer, the music’s played louder.”

URI senior Jenna Maloney also disagreed with this statement based on how she adds songs to her playlist. She said that, overall, her playlist doesn’t change because the next song she adds is usually similar to the other songs already on the playlist. One song she mentioned that is on her playlist is “Lampshades On Fire” by Modest Mouse.

Similar to Maloney, URI sophomore Kayla MacEachern also disagreed with the statement based on her general love for music.

“I have a wide variety of music interests,” MacEachern said. “It’s hard to say that I only listen to certain kinds during a given season. I like to listen to all kinds of music all year long.” MacEachern’s playlist includes songs by Vince Staples, Childish Gambino, Beyonce, Mac Miller and Glass Animals.

As the seasons change, some of our playlists change based on our mood and the chill that the cooler seasons bring, but for others, students just love to rock out all year long to their favorites, regardless of the season.