Are you sick of the limited selection of Netflix? Sure, we have plenty of TV series to watch like The Walking Dead, The Black list and Grey’s Anatomy. (Personally I’m currently watching Scrubs). But the movie selection is slacking pretty hard. Movies come and go so quickly that you never even know that they were there.

This semester I have to open at my job at 9 a.m. every Saturday, which is why I decided to never go out on a Friday night unless I want to be dead for work the next morning. Instead, I get out of work late on Friday nights and go back to my suite and watch a movie with some of my suitemates. While surfing different websites like Redbox, Netflix and HBO Go looking for good movies to watch, one of my suitemates told us about an app that unlocks movies on Netflix for free.

Tell me more you say? Well, just keep reading. Hola Better Internet is a plug in that you install into the browser Google Chrome. It allows you to switch what country you are surfing the internet from. You can access the internet from places like the United Kingdom, Cuba, Greece or, my personal favorite, Austria.

By accessing the internet from other locations you can view the selection from somewhere else. You will unlock sections of Netflix that include award-winning films and blockbuster movies. These sections have movies like Pacific Rim, The Help, Gravity, Frozen Tropic Thunder, The Hobbit, Thor, Inception, Toy Story 2, My Cousin Vinny and lots more that have come out within the last two years. Are you interested yet?

These are titles that you would normally have to pay ten dollars to stream or hope that they are on Redbox. So what I’m trying to say is that you should try to chill with friends and watch a movie some weekend instead of failing to find a party.

Just enjoy the people that you are around. It’s surprisingly relaxing to watch a movie with friends, especially if that movie doesn’t cost $11.50 a person, plus $8.50 for popcorn.