Jeremy LeClair was always a music enthusiast, but never considered his own radio show until tuning in to the University of Rhode Island’s FM station, WRIU 90.3.

As a freshman, LeClair started out at a small school in Vermont, Green Mountain College. Shortly after his first year there he realized he missed home and was “bummed the school lacked a radio station for him to jam in.” He decided to transfer back to his hometown of South Kingstown and attend the University of Rhode Island.

“As soon as I came here I was like ‘oh! A legitimate radio station already set up, perfect.’” LeClair said.

LeClair is a senior majoring in plant science with a minor in soil science. Despite his choice of major, he has always had a deep love for music. He said that he currently plays guitar and has tried to make some of his own music when he was growing up. While he was in high school and could start driving on his own, he would take time out to listen to different radio stations.

“The only good station that I liked to listen to late at night when I’d drive home from work was 90.3,” LeClair said. “They’d play some really strange, interesting music, like one time I just heard the sound of gong every 30 seconds for like 10 minutes.”

It wasn’t until shortly after that he found himself wanting to share with others some of his own “strange, interesting music.”

For LeClair, being a DJ for WRIU is more of a side activity. He described it as a way for him to “export his ego.” LeClair explained that his main purpose is to share the music he likes with others and express himself for who he is.

LeClair’s show is called “Objective Truth Radio”. He said that he named his show this because he only speaks the truth on his radio show.

“My title is kind of a little in-joke,” LeClair said. “I only speak the truth and whatever I think is the truth is objectively true. I guess the main thing is that music is inherently subjective; no one’s taste in music can be better or worse than somebody else’s.”

He said that sometimes, people act like their music taste has superiority over someone else’s, but his show is “a play on how pointless it is to be a music snob.”

LeClair started out as a DJ for the WRIU’s online streaming station and was inspired to start his own show after hearing two of his friend’s radio shows.

“It’s really fun having your own thing and to have a little theme and have complete control over it, it feeds my ego,” LeClair said.

LeClair’s show features an emphasis on psychedelic rock, but also other various genres including rock and roll, world music, folk, jazz, and a little bit of everything. He described his music taste as “funky” with a really good rhythm and something he can dance to.

Check out LeClair’s radio show, Objective Truth Radio, on WRIU 90.3 FM or online at on Tuesday nights from 9 p.m. to midnight.