Student Senate began its meeting by talking about the annual Asian Students Association (ASA) Culture Show. The funded student organization was seeking $1,400 for their 28th ASA Culture Show. The group is looking to use that money to afford one DJ who has been working with them for many years. The DJ not only does sound, but also sets up decorations and lights for the show. The controversy came down to the fact that ASA was already budgeted $3,000. ASA explained that the $3,000 is going to two main performers for the event. At the end, Senate voted unanimously to approve the costs.

Student Senate then worked on the recognition of Fashion Blogging Club as an unfunded student organization. The club is looking to help promote the Textiles, Fashion Manufacturing and Design program. The club is working on building up a large blogging team to help further the program. The Student Senate voted to approve the Fashion Blogging Club as a recognized unfunded organization.

The Student Senate concluded discussing a bill to remove the executive position Director of Marketing and Recruitment. Student Senate first enacted to have this position created in 2011 to help market Senate and increase the involvement of Student Senate on the Student Body. However, for the last three terms the position went unfilled. The last person to fill the position recently resigned from Senate. “I don’t think it’s really representative of a group for us to have a member of our executive committee who has not been successfully fulfilled,” said President Amanda Rode. Student Senate voted in favor of removing the position from Student Senate.