Student Senate began its meeting by approving Family Reach as a new, unfunded philanthropic club that works with children with cancer.

Family Reach hopes to help run fundraisers and raise money for the families who struggle with pediatric cancer. The money will go to helping these families pay for things like groceries and transportation. The group hopes to create new leaders on campus and give them opportunities to work on an important issue.

Senate also elected new chair heads for all of their committee chairs. Senator Donnelly was elected to be the Chairman of External Affairs. Senator Bailey ran against the incumbent Senator Donnelly for a very important committee that is currently dealing with the housing issues in Narragansett.

President Cody Anderson described the Narragansett town ordinances that are trying to keep URI students out as “Senate’s biggest challenge” in the upcoming semesters. Senator Donnelly described his current work with Narragansett and said he hopes to do more outreach programs to the surrounding communities. Senator Bailey stated he wanted to be more proactive with the commuters in the community and help make information more readily available.

The rest of the Committees ran unopposed. Senator Garcia became the Chairwoman of Academic Affairs. Senator Boutmy became the Chairwoman of Campus Affairs and Senator Kraft became the Chairwoman of Cultural Affairs.

Student Senate also elected its new members of Rules and Ethics. After multiple revotes, Senator Wang, Senator Skov, Senator Curtis, Senator Scotti and Senator Cordova won the five open positions.