Students at the University of Rhode Island are going to great lengths to give back to children overseas. Karie Orendorff, lecturer in kinesiology at the university, started the program, “Teaching in Tanzania,” three summers ago. The students go over to Africa and work at the Maasai Joy Childrens Center. In efforts to fund the trip, to make the cost easier on students, Orendorff has organized different fundraisers with different organizations. A 5k race is being held on campus April 10 which is also a fundraiser for the trip. “Its kind of nice because when you think of the kids going to school in chicken coops, they literally go to school in chicken coops,” said Orendorff. This year, students leave July 1 and get back July 13. If you’re interested in donating, you can make a check out to the University of Rhode Island with “Teaching in Tanzania” written in the memo.