The first show I ever attended was the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert back in 2007 after winning the ticket in a raffle.

I have gone through quite a few music phases to get to where I am with my music taste  today, but every one has got to start somewhere. Eleven years ago, 8-year-old me was the biggest Hannah Montana fangirl ever, and winning these tickets meant the world to me. My mom even threw me a Hannah Montana themed birthday party, and I thought I was very cool for having that.

The show was just as amazing as I hoped it would be. The Jonas Brothers opened the show, and I had a chance to see my ultimate crush, Nick Jonas. Little 8-year-old me emotionally died from excitement. Long story short, I couldn’t speak when I got back home.

The tickets were being raffled at the catholic church I attended with my family. A friend of my mom’s from the church choir announced one day that she’d be raffling off a Hannah Montana ticket to raise money for the church. She had bought one to go with her husband and daughters, but she thought a younger girl would appreciate the ticket more than she ever would, so it was given to me. Although I was 8 years old and not very religious, I was the most Catholic I had ever been in my 8 years of life during that time because every Sunday after that, I attended mass every week so I could buy a raffle ticket.

Up to the day of the raffle, I had a total of five raffle tickets. I had prayed every night to God to choose me to go to this concert because I was a good kid and deserved to go. At the raffle, the only girls participating were myself and one other girl.

The day of the raffle, the girl’s mom bought her 20 tickets, and I had a total of six tickets because my brother was nice enough to buy me one more for good luck. All I remember was I took out my tickets and nicely organized them on the chair in front of me. I felt pretty pathetic and I knew I was going to lose this raffle because I only had six tickets compared to her 20 tickets.

They began the raffle after mass, and I had never felt so nervous. The extra ticket my brother bought me was the ticket that ended up winning, and I could not believe I would actually be going to see Miley Cyrus in concert.

Miley Cyrus is a great human being and an amazing singer. On top of all her achievements, now she is a judge on The Voice, and it makes me feel very happy that I got to see her play live when she was just starting out in her music career. I always have and always will be a fan of her music.