Student Senate’s Student Organization Advisory and Review Committee Chairwoman Samantha King introduced Bill SS16/17-13, which recognized men’s club soccer. King yielded some time to the club’s representatives, who talked about the club’s integrity to be an option as a competitive group for those who couldn’t fully commit to soccer at the varsity level. They practice twice a week with games occurring every weekend. The representatives also noted the rapid expansion of the club, with an email list of over 80 recipients in the weeks following First Night. However, the club cannot take everyone, and will be holding tryouts to determine the roster. After a short discussion, Bill SS16/17-13 was voted in favor of unanimously.

Finance Chairman Ryan Buck introduced an amendment which called for the Fencing Club to receive $1,253 from the capital improvements fund. Two years ago, the Fencing Club ordered new armor and detection boxes. However, the company never received the payment order from Senate. The company contacted the Senate earlier this year about the missing payment. Besides handling the payment to the company, the bill’s other purpose was to quickly handle the manner and maintain the Senate’s reliability and protect their image when dealing with companies in the future. Buck finished his segment by going over new revisions in the Finance Handbook, which was voted in favor of with one abstention.

One of the senator liaisons talked about a prior meeting with the pharmacy dean. Topics of discussion included talking about the curriculum and whether it should be modified for the benefit of students, as well as how the pharmacy department will play a role in Tom Ryan’s $15 million grant to the neuroscience department.

Senator Stratsfield talked about the opening of the Harrington Hub at Ranger Hall on Oct. 21 which starts at 11:00 a.m. on the Quad.

Student Senate Advisor Maureen McDermott discussed the upcoming events of Family Weekend, highlighting Jay Leno, who will perform at the Ryan Center this Saturday night. McDermott also discussed the 125th Anniversary celebration, for which there will be a drone picture taken on the Quadrangle for person-formed letters and numbers of “URI 125.” Students and faculty are invited to be a part of the picture, which is happening on Oct. 18, with the pictures beginning at 2 p.m.