A lot of times when we go out on investigations, we think we don’t capture any evidence, because not every night can be filled with ghostly adventures. However, there are some nights where we think we don’t get anything, and when we go back through our evidence, we find something that doesn’t belong.

One of the best EVPs our group has ever caught came from an investigation on campus. The investigation took place last year while the group was sitting in the basement stairwell. I was not in the group that captured this, but I want to emphasize that everyone in the group was sitting down. Also, I want to mention that all members wear sneakers or comfortable shoes during investigations that don’t make loud noises. However, when you listen to the recording, you can distinctly hear the sound of high heels. This sound of someone walking with high heels lasted for about 30 seconds in the recording, and nobody in the group was walking around or wearing heels. Nobody heard this sound until after they went back and listened to the EVP.

Another weird EVP we have is from the same building on a different night. A few of us were in the basement again, just talking about some concert and goofing off. While we talking about seeing that concert, under my voice you can hear something in a broken voice that sounds like “get her out.” This offended me because I had been singing earlier, and apparently, whatever it was, didn’t like that. Though this is one piece of evidence that still freaks me out.

In a different building, we were sitting in a circle once again. A member asked for whatever was with us to let us know of its presence by knocking over a flashlight he had. It was not heard in the moment, but going back through the recording you can hear a whispery “how” after the question was asked.

In that same building, we have on recording a ghostly answer to the infamous Pepsi or Coke question. If you were wondering, the spirits on campus prefer Pepsi, according to this EVP. We have also caught laughter on recordings when no one was laughing, and listening to that still gives me the creeps.

I can tell you with certainty that these things we have caught on recording are not members of our group messing around with us. They are often quiet, broken voices that can be hard to understand. It’s amazing how you can tell that something isn’t human by listening to it. If we ever meet and I have my laptop, ask to hear some of these things, because they are unreal. But let me tell you, do not go listening to them at 2 a.m. if you’re alone. They can creep the hell out of you.