I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now, and I don’t regret my decision because I still get to enjoy cheese.

Many people think cutting meat out of your diet is the most difficult thing in the world, but I think you have to try it for yourself to find out. From my point of view, I think for the most part being a vegetarian is not a difficult task. I used to always say I could never not eat meat, but look at me now.

Being a vegetarian has clearly helped me feel healthier about myself. Although sometimes my Hispanic family worries for my health because they think I am not eating enough, but trust me, I am.

People always ask me the typical questions such as, “Oh my god, what do you eat?” as if meat is the only food the world offers you. This is followed by, “I could never do that! How do you do it? Why did you do it?”

Well, I chose to do it because I know I am not a picky eater, and I enjoy challenging myself to do new things. I also chose to do it for obvious reasons regarding how meat is processed. And being an animal lover myself, I especially do not approve of or appreciate the treatment of animals in the meat industry in America. I also think Americans eat more meat than their bodies are suppose to consume, but I am not here to give you a bunch of numbers and percentages. Although, I do think people over exaggerate the idea of vegetarianism and veganism.

While I could never be a vegan because I love cheese too much, I would not say it is a bad thing to consider. It definitely has a lot of health benefits to it.

However, I do think vegans go too far in cutting off more nutrients than in usual diets sometimes, but if they can and want to do it, I am no one to judge their life. I actually congratulate them, because being a vegan is a lot more complicated to do since we live in a world where meat is being consumed more than anything else.

The only thing I will say is difficult is being a vegetarian in a Hispanic household, especially if it’s a nice day out, and the family decides to have a cookout. I know for sure my brother and I will have to go out of our ways to buy veggie burgers or else we’ll be sticking veggies in a bun (which I have done by the way). It was basically a grilled slice of eggplant between lettuce and a bun.

One time, a friend of my dad’s invited us over for a cookout, and I had raid his refrigerator for cheese, potatoes and some type of vegetable for me to survive the night. There are definitely struggles to it, but they are not struggles that will end the world. I just always make sure I get my source of protein by eating peanut butter, beans, quinoa, and eggs. I chose to become a vegetarian, and I am letting you know that it is a wonderful thing. The vegetarian cuisine can be quite delicious, if you ask me.