Every music lover has that one album that will always stand above the rest for them. It’s that one album that kicks everything off; it may turn your attention to your new favorite band, or it may make you relive the glory days of high school. Either way, there is that one album that means more to you than all the others, and for me, that album is “So Wrong, It’s Right,”  by All Time Low.

This album was released in 2007, though I didn’t discover it until about a year or so later. It’s kind of a funny story actually; I was reading something online that had mentioned the band’s well-known track “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Me, being my 12-year-old self, looked up the song and fell in love with it. I listened to that song on repeat for a long time and never got sick of it. Finally, I got enough money from doing random chores to buy the full album, and it’s all been downhill from there.

The album itself has some of my favorite songs from the band, like “Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night),” which according to the lead singer, Alex Gaskarth, it is about a conversation between Peter Pan and Wendy.  To me, it’s about remembering where you came from and going after the things you want. My senior quote in my high school yearbook even came  from this song. It was, “Before you ask which way to go, remember where you’ve been.” Another song off this album that I love is considered an All Time Low classic called “Remembering Sunday.” The song follows the story of a boy as he reminisces about a girl that he loved. The intensity of the lyrics in this song makes it a powerful and heartbreaking track. It’s a good song to listen to when you want to hear a song of a lost love. It’s one of their slower, acoustic songs that is very melodic.

This album also has a lot of fun songs, such as “The Beach,” which is about enjoying the summer, the beach and your friends, and about living it up as best you can. “Let It Roll” is another that has a similar meaning, about just doing what you can for the time, and enjoying the “ride” of life. All the songs on this album have some kind of interesting or fun story behind them. Loving this album from the beginning has also allowed me to see how the band has grown over the years, and how their songs grew with them. That to me is just an unreal thing to witness.

I personally owe a lot to this album. “So Wrong, It’s Right” introduced me to my absolute favorite band. It also got me hooked on All Time Low, and I am utterly indebted to this album. Without the album and without the band, I wouldn’t have some of the best friends I do now, and I wouldn’t have a band that is always and has always been there for me. For me, absolutely nothing beats when a song from the CD comes on shuffle, because it just fills me with a sense of happiness. This album also opened me up to the alternative/pop punk world, which is a big part of who I was when I was younger and who I am now. It’s a guarantee that whenever All Time Low comes around, you will see me at their show, singing my heart out to every single one of their songs.