Student Organization Advisory Review Committee Chairwoman Samantha King brought forth a bill to recognize the philanthropic group For the Future as a university-unfunded organization, at Student Senate’s weekly meeting.

The organization aims to bring primary and secondary education to the underprivileged and poorer youth in Africa, specifically in Rwanda, where the founder of the organization was born. Members representing the group all echoed a child’s right to a proper education and that they can help change the lives of poor children living in Africa. The group has advantage with logistics as the founder’s ties with Rwanda have left them with plenty of contacts in the region.

There are three requirements for receiving funding from the group. First, you have to reach out to For the Future for help, second, applicants must write an essay explaining why the need economic assistance, and third, participants in the education program must maintain passing grades to remain in the program.

For the Future plans to do most of its fundraising through events at the Kingston campus as well as the surrounding area.

The Senate eventually recognized For the Future, with the vote containing only an abstention.

Senator Shannon McIsaac met with the college of nursing dean in order to address commonly asked questions regarding the nursing program’s move to Providence in the spring. The dean will be addressing the top 10 most common asked questions in a video that will be posted soon. Tours of the new nursing building in Providence will begin in the spring as well.

Finance Chairman Ryan Buck put forth a bill that would allow a $2,000 contingency grant to go to the Alpine Racing club in order to receive proper race training at a snow sports facility. The measure was approved with one abstention.

Senate spent close to 50 minutes to nominate a new director of communications, which was between four candidates. In the end, sophomore Adriana Wilding, not an original member of the Student Senate, was elected for the position.