The Case for Cats: Pure Puurrrfection


Cats are tiny balls of pure fluff and happiness. Whether you are waking up to it sleeping on your head or lying down with it curled up next to you, cats are a wonderful companion for your daily life.

They are perfect house pets. There is no trudging outside at 2 a.m. to shovel your way through a snowstorm so you can let the dog out after listening to them whining for an hour or so.  There is no thunderous barking that shakes the whole house and causes your neighbors to complain.  

Cats are dainty, delicate creatures. They walk gracefully and don’t make much of a mess. Dogs dogs are irritating and loud, don’t even get me started about the licking. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t enjoy my face getting slobbered all over.

Cats are natural born hunters. They have an innate ability to track and capture small household pests such as mice, moths, and spiders. Why hire an exterminator when you’ve got an adorable fur baby who will take care of the problem?  

Cats are self-sustaining creatures for the most part. You feed them, change their litter box every now or then and you’re golden. Having a busy life isn’t a big deal when you own a cat. They will sleep and eat when they please and lounge the day away so that when you come home the house will be intact, just the way you left it.

Leaving a dog home alone all day will likely result in accidents on the floor, various chewed up sneakers or pillows, and a puppy dog look of pure innocence as you take in the disaster that was once your living room.

Not to mention, dogs are dirty and smelly. Who knows what they’re getting into when they’re outside doing their thing before they come into your house, getting dirt all over the nice clean rug.  

Even the internet loves cats. Cat videos are a constant wonder in the world of YouTube.  There is nothing more satisfying than watching a kitten chase a laser pointer or falling off things only to land on their feet. They truly are astonishing creatures.  

I really can’t think of anything not to love about cats. They’re soft fur is inviting and, according to Scientific America, their purrs have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in humans.  It’s also been linked to reducing the likelihood of heart attacks. Clearly cats are the superior pet.


The Case for Dogs: Dogs are Delightful


There is absolutely nothing better than coming home and having a giant ball of fluff greeting me at the door. Seeing the tail wagging, the excited dog jumping and eager for your attention, as soon as I come home is one of the most heartwarming feelings, which is why dogs are superior to cats.

Of the many reasons dogs are the best, the biggest is that you are all that they want– besides the occasional chew toy. They wait for you when you’re gone, follow you around the house when you’re home, and curl up next to you while you watch TV. There’s no doubt about it, dogs are the ultimate best friend.

In my experience, whenever I’ve been sad my dog has always come, sat at my feet and was just there for me during the time I needed him. They also get excited with you when you’re excited about something. They mirror your feelings and help you through what you’re feeling in their own dog way.

Dogs also bring the utmost joy to everyone. I can guarantee you have been walking on campus with friends, saw a dog and had a least one person go “dog” or “look at the puppy!”  It’s therapeutic to see a dog and spend a few minutes petting it, too. Even if you are not interacting with them, dogs are entertaining to watch. Just let them out in the snow with you, for example. Or give them a toy or, in my dog’s case, say “where’s so and so” and watch his attempts to find them.

Cats just can’t go on runs with you, protect your house, bark to alert you of an intruder or of a leaf blowing in the wind. You can’t train cats to bring you things or do specific activities. Dogs actually come when you call their name, and on top of it all, they are loyal. Hands down, dogs are the best friend and the best pet a person could have. In the end, it’s just you and your pup and there is no better feeling.