Seniors have it much worse

There’s nothing great about tests, papers and assignments piling up to the point where you feel like it will never end. But let me tell you this, I can guarantee if you ask any college senior if they are ready to graduate, their answer will be no. Come January of a student’s senior year, the excitement of being on top of the world quickly fades because, unfortunately, the end is near. Cue the job applications, graduation forms and responsibility.

If you ask the average college senior if they would go back to freshman year and do it all over again, their answer will be yes. Freshman year, although a scary time in someone’s life, is so exciting. You have this whole world ahead of you to look forward to. There are new friends to make, different clubs to join, and you have four years to figure it all out. Once it actually hits a student that they are a senior, they’ve already been denied by two jobs and done the math to realize how much debt they’ll be in come September.

Senior year is all about finishing strong. At the end of the day, you have to ace those tests even though you don’t feel like studying. You’ll own that next job interview, because third time’s a charm. As a senior, it’s almost as if you stop complaining about the work, because you’ll wish you had that back post-graduation if it means you’ll be able to spend every waking moment with your friends again, making memories that will last a lifetime. The reality of it all is, as a senior, you’re not going to live down the street from your best friends anymore come May.

These four years are absolutely the best four years of your life. I still remember my first day of freshman year orientation, meeting my best friends who I still live with to this day. I wouldn’t trade the memories I made here for the world, and in a heartbeat, I’d go back to that same day at orientation and do it all again.

Freshman is a year for fumbles

Whoever says freshman year at college was the best year of their life is definitely lying. The stress of making new friends, taking your first college class and trying to be involved in campus is way too much for any person to handle, but as a freshman it is much worse.

I was a solid “A” student in high school, but college taught me how to get over a poor grade real fast. I try not to worry too much about that, though, as it may have been my first fail but it will probably not be my last.

Everyone always says that in college I would make so many more friends, which is a lie. In truth I only have a handful of true friends who I can cry to about that exam I failed, everyone else is an acquaintance who I happen to share a class with.

Being an on campus resident freshman year I had to embrace the dorm life at full force. Trying not to lose my head at the people running and screaming down the halls is difficult sometimes. Also I have learned that my roommate will not be my best friend like all the movies depict.

By senior year students have been through the good, bad and ugly that comes with being a little freshman at a school of thousands of students. By that time, nothing can even compare to the first days as a freshman trying to run across campus to get to my class on time.