MWF is the way to go

Allie Lewis

I’d rather go to class one more day a week than sit in a lecture for an hour and 15 minutes. By the time I’m 45 minutes into a Tuesday/Thursday lecture, I spend most of the remaining time reassuring myself that it’s almost over. Except it’s not.

I spend that remaining time checking the clock in 5-minute intervals. Every time I look, I’m disappointed to see that the hands have barely moved.

I can understand the appeal of going to class twice a week rather than three. That’s one less day that you have to wake up and drag yourself across campus, or worse, fight for a parking spot in the commuter lots.

But if you’re not dragging yourself to class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, what are the chances that you’ll actually be productive those days? It’s less painful to sit through class three days a week and you’ll probably learn more because of it. If I get homework on Thursday, most weeks I’m probably not going to look at it until Tuesday morning. If you’re a procrastinator, which most everyone is, having to be in class so often will remind you more frequently of all the things you should be doing.  

No one likes waking up on Monday, and class on Friday can be miserable if you’re trying to nurse a hangover from Bonvue the night before. That being said, your Tuesdays are still going to feel like a Monday, and you probably shouldn’t be getting that drunk at Bonvue every week anyways.


T/TH Butting heads

Caitlyn Picard

Making a semester schedule is ultimately one of the most stressful parts of each semester. It’s the best feeling when all my classes fit perfectly into my schedule though. I like to have them all together and enjoy a few days off a week. Easily the two best days for classes are Tuesday and Thursday.

For one, Tuesday/Thursday classes only meet twice a week, so I don’t have be in class three days a week for 50 minutes. Granted Tuesday/Thursday classes are a little longer, but I feel I get more out of those classes, and they don’t really waste your time. Those days also seem to line up more often than not, meaning it’s easier to make back to back classes and get them over with, whereas Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes tend to be spaced out throughout the day.

I’m going to be a commuter next year and made my schedule to only have Tuesday/Thursday classes. As a result, I will only drive to campus twice a week, which saves gas and gives me three other days of the week for internships, work and my social life.

I feel like Tuesday/Thursday classes are better overall because they’re easier to wake up for in the morning and easier to participate in. Mondays suck because, well, it’s Monday, and who likes to be productive after the weekend? And no one likes classes on a Friday, either. Plus, having Tuesday/Thursday classes allows me to go out to bars or party a little on those nights without the fear of an in-class hangover the next day.