The University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center will be showcasing The Annual Student Juried Exhibition at the main art gallery now through May 1.

Every year the URI Art Department hosts the Juried Student Exhibition in the main gallery during the spring semester to showcase the best of student’s work. The department brings in an outside artist to jury the event where they  select the final pieces for the gallery. This year the outside juror was Deborah Baronas, a Providence based artist who studied textile design and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. “I think this is one of our best shows,” said Dilworth as he admired some of the pieces in the gallery.

The exhibition features over 50 art installations in various mediums such as paintings, sculptures and in video. The installations displayed use a variety of art styles such as abstract art and photographs.

While there were many great pieces on display, there were a few that I found particularly striking.

Out of all the sculptures present, I found “Fractal Gardens” by Meredith Rocha the most eye-catching. I like how intricate and complex the design of the sculpture is. The bronze tone compliments the sculpture well. Another aspect I find interesting is the placement of this piece. I like how the middle piece of the sculpture just drapes over to the side.

The next pieces I enjoyed were two paintings by Pablo Youngs.

The two paintings were hung side-by-side on the wall. The painting on the left is called “I love Pablo, ” and the right piece is called “The Guitarists.” The bright color used in these paintings give them a stunning quality, it is really hard to miss them when you walk into the exhibition. My favorite aspect of the paintings are the intricate patterns paired with the bright reds, yellows and oranges.

Another pair of photographs which drew my eye were two paintings by Corey Favino depicting the night sky.

Again these works were placed next to each other on the wall of the exhibit. The portrait on the left is the “Milky way over Point Judith,” and the one on the right is called “Milky way over Bonnet Point.” The paintings are located at the beginning of the exhibition and can be found as soon as you enter the gallery. I was immediately drawn to these art pieces because their execution was so impressive that it is easy to mistake them as photographs. Pictures of galaxies or the night sky have always been considered visually pleasing and to see them as paintings is incredible.

The next exhibit is another piece by Meredith Rocha. Her second installation is a pair of paintings that can also be found at the beginning of the exhibition.

The painting is called “Wavelengths and Frequencies.” I really like the use of color and the use of small detailing towards the corner of the paintings. The simplicity of the white and yellow corners combined with the rough texture in the middle make a fascinating art piece.

The last art piece that I found captivating is called “Summer 1982” by Michael Kieszkowski.

What I like about this painting is that it is so dramatic. From the illustrations to the use of colors, it is quite a remarkable piece.

These were just some of the impressive art installations in the Annual Student Juried Exhibition, there are many more amazing pieces available for viewing.