Thursday, Sept. 28

At 10:54 a.m. an alarm went off on Lippitt road notifying the police of a burglary. There was no action required by the police.

At 3:40 p.m. police were called for assistance at the scene of a motor vehicle accident on Upper College Road and Fortin Road. A report was filed.

At 8:51 p.m. suspicious activity was reported at Kappa Delta. The police made a general notification in response.

Friday, Sept. 29

At 10:16 a.m. there was a disturbance at the Visitor’s Center on Upper College Road. A report was filed.

At 11:51 a.m. the police were notified of a medical emergency behind Hope Commons. Transportation to the hospital was rendered.

At 9:57 p.m. there was, again, suspicious activity reported at Kappa Delta. There was reportedly a small amount of marijuana taken into the wooded area. A report was filed.

Saturday, Sept. 30

At 1:12 a.m. there was property damage on Farm House Road. A report was filed in response.

Sunday, Oct. 1

At 12:23 a.m. there was a drug offense at Tucker Hall on Farm House Road. An RA smelled marijuana and a report was filed by the police.

At 1:19 a.m. there was another medical emergency located at Wiley Hall on Flagg Road. Transportation to the hospital was necessary.

Monday, Oct. 2

At 9:30 p.m. the police were notified of a drug offense. This took place at Ellery

Hall on Complex Road. A report was filed.

At 10:50 p.m. there was another drug offense, this time at Burnside Hall on West Alumni Avenue. Again, a report was filed.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

At 4:56 a.m. suspicious activity was reported on Plains Road. This warranted a notification from the police.