Dear University Community,

As members of the University of Rhode Island Student Senate, we commit ourselves to preventing sexual violence here at this institution. We value and uphold the cornerstones of our University: to defend the rights and dignity of our fellow students, to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to personal health and wellness and to accept personal responsibility for our actions and their consequences, in respecting the rights and dignities of fellow students and strive for our campus to continue to be a place where students respect and support each other. Members of our community report feeling unsafe on campus, therefore, we will continue to improve the student environment by responding and we recognize that sexual violence is a systemic problem on our campus. We will be working closely with the university to ensure that our campus is safer and more comfortable place. At this time, we must come together and support one another.

Our Senators are committed to supporting our community in upholding the University’s cornerstones in the principles of equity during this difficult time. If you want to voice your opinions ideas, or concerns with Student Senate, you can visit us in room 201 in the Memorial Union or call us directly at 401-874-2261.

The URI Student Senate would like to thank everyone in the Campus Community for continued to make you are a safer place.


The URI Student Senate

While we work to ensure our students are safe, the University provides many resources that can be utilized if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault such as;

Counseling Center 217 Roosevelt Hall – 401-874-2288

VPAS – 22 Upper College Rd The Women’s Center – 401-874-9131

Title IX – 401-874-2442

Dean of Students Office – Memorial Union Rm 302 – 401-874-5694

URI Police – 85 Briar Ln – 401-874-2121