University Pulse Media, a new media company started off with a bang this semester, giving students access to free food and information about events throughout the University.

The company was started by senior marketing student, Connor Flynn, who said he had the idea while working on another media opportunity.

Having started the Barstool Rhody social media accounts for the University last September, Flynn wanted to create an opportunity to bring students together even more, and give them access and opportunities to win free food and grow as a community.

On a platform such as his up and coming University Pulse Media, there could be a more direct communication with students, giving them information about actual events on campus and giving them opportunities to win free items that they otherwise would not have known of.

“One of the advantages we have being students is we know the kind of communication students react to,” Flynn said.  “Our goal is to help businesses bridge that gap.”

University Pulse Media is a student-run, social media that features contests, information, and posts for the students of URI.

Flynn said he created the business for many reasons, wanting to give back to the campus. He said the site is to give “more attention to the social media platforms, and to give back to students” after working on it all summer.

UPulse Media makes videos to advertise local businesses including those in the emporium, such as Caliente and Albie’s. With this, the company makes 30 to 50 second video advertisements of each business and then posts them on multiple social media platforms to get the attention of the student population.

Working with fellow student Chad Sawyer, the videos are made for companies in turn for free food for contests posted along with them. These contests, called “Free Food Fridays” are located in the captions of the posts. It allows students to enter to win free food from the various businesses by tagging two friends and commenting. This helps to spread the business across campus and benefit the student as well.

“We hope to create a more engaged community on social media at the University of Rhode Island,” Flynn said.

The company overall has been very successful, reaching up to 19,000 students. The contests have become very competitive as well, with more than 300 participants and comments in each so far. Flynn hopes that this will continue to grow as they reach out to more local businesses.

These contests will continue each Friday, and are a great opportunity to win free food and learn about the University’s community.

“We look forward to giving away free food each Friday for the foreseeable future,” Flynn said.

These social media accounts as well as the Barstool Rhody accounts can be found under @upulsemedia, and @barstoolrhody.

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