In the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate meeting this week, elections were held for various committee positions as well as the position of Vice President.
Senators Jennifer Kohl, Sara Straube and Mark Gall were all elected to the Elections Committee. Straube was later elected chairwoman of External Affairs, Gall chairman of Campus Committee and Tristram Howard as Vice President of the student body. Senators Patrick Feeney and John Bagley were elected to the Rules and Ethics Committee.
In the meeting, Senator Austin Vutech questioned the Senate’s position on the use of tobacco on campus. President Adriana Wilding responded to this concern stating that “Senate has not taken a stance,” to which Vutech responded, “what will it take to stand up for student rights?” Wilding stating that the senate could “write a letter and voice [their] opinion” on the issue when the Senate formed a stance on it. Memorial Union Director Carl Stiles recommended the Senate invite Ellen Reynolds, director of health services, to further inform the group about tobacco use on campus.
The Student Organization Advisory Review Committee declared that they would recognize clubs on a monthly basis. Campus Affairs commented that they were looking into the lack of screens in Quinn Hall. Cultural Affairs postponed their suicide prevention booth to Sept. 19, commenting that “Student Senate cares about mental health.” External Affairs is having Narragansett 2100 co-sponsor an interview outlet for commuters to meet and speak with Senators. Senator Vutech touched on the idea of getting rid of the foreign language requirement in the College of Business and replacing it with a business culture class. The Director of Communications addressed the role of ombuds on campus and how students should know they are there as a confidential, objective, last resort for problems with university procedures and processes.