The University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate meeting this week was brief, with little debate.

The bill outlining changes to the constitution and bylaws of URI’s Student Senate was passed with no debate. After extensive debates last week, Finance Chair Zachary Taylor held the floor for several minutes to ensure members had no concerns. Taylor expressed that “the law… should be a set of general rules for just conduct.” The presidents of College Democrats, Bridge USA and the URI American Civil Liberties Union were present for the short discussion on the bill.

Election results from Sept. 26 and 27 were posted with a total 233 voters participating. The vote for confirmation of these positions will take place during next week’s meeting. It was stated that not all vacant seats were filled. Vacancies include representatives for the College of Health Science and the College of Engineering. Internal elections for these positions will take place Oct. 31.

During the report of the Academic Affairs Committee, it was mentioned that the committee is trying to get free printing on campus through the organization Frinter. This organization pays for itself by printing an ad every few pages.

President Adriana Wilding spoke on behalf of Carl Stiles during the meeting about the “importance of decorum” by Senate members during meetings and office hours as representatives of the organization. Wilding also spoke about her efforts in reaching out to the Department of Health Services to come speak to Senate about the tobacco-free campus issue during a future meeting.