This weeks meeting of the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate included the swearing in of new Senators and several bill passages.

New Senators sworn in during the meeting included: Nina Padro, Jay Rumas, Ryan, Menard, Daniel P. Baglini and Annabel Cimbal. They were elected as At-Large Representatives. Thomas McGrath was elected as an On-Campus Representative. Neelam Ahmed, John Podesta and Evan Cumminskey were elected as Off-Campus Representatives. Tavio George, Mitchell Asante, Sachitha Bhat, Andrew Czazasty and Mackenzie Pontonio were elected freshman Representatives. Ryan Saros was elected College of Health Sciences Representative, and Karla Haiat was elected College of Engineering Representative.

A bill concerning a $2,471 contingency grant for the Cape Verdean Student Association was abruptly presented by Finance Chairman Zachary Taylor. This bill would allocate CVSA the necessary funds to host their event on Oct. 17. This grant was warranted according to Taylor and Senator Patrick Feeney due to the fact that last year this event attracted “500 to 520 attendees, and [they] expect a similar turnout” this year. There was no representative for CVSA present during this discussion. This bill ultimately passed.

Other bills approved during this meeting were: a bill concerning impeachment processes within Student Senate, a bill calling for a $25,000 grant to the URI Crew Team for a new dock and a bill calling for the Memorial Union to commission two new plaques to fallen URI alumni and faculty.

Campus Affairs Chair Mark Gall called attention to some important dates coming up this month. There will be a parking and transportation public forum in senate chambers on Oct. 25 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Students are welcome to attend to voice their opinions to officials on impending changes. On Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. there will be a blue light walk to see where blue lights are needed around campus.