This week 30 years ago in the Cigar: Thursday, Nov. 3, 1988

Headline: Dukakis, DiPrete win in a mock election; 600 students participate

The External Affairs Committee of URI’s Student Senate conducted an on-campus poll to preview the 1988 presidential election, as well as the gubernatorial race. Six-hundred students and faculty members participated in the mock election. Democrat Michael Dukakis received the majority of votes over Republican George H.W. Bush, 275-178. About 50 students were either undecided or chose write-in options.
The Rhode Island Gubernatorial race in 1988 was between incumbent Republican Edward DiPrete and Democrat Bruce Sundlun. DiPrete won, 181-170. One-hundred and forty-four students were still undecided and eight chose the write-in option.
The Presidential Election was inaccurate, as Bush would go on to win. DiPrete won the gubernatorial race.

Headline: Microfiche room to receive much-needed replacements

Students were upset and frustrated over the lack of operating microfilm readers in the library. Microfilm and microfiche were used to store large forms of writing such as newspapers and books. The readers were used to view the information.
The cost of a microfilm reader at the time was $9,890. The library had five microfilm readers in working condition, two film reader printers, no fiche printers and 10 fiche readers.
URI Students were struggling to get any work done efficiently with this hindrance.
“Something that should have taken 20 minutes took an hour,” Farah Rehman, a freshman journalism major at the time, said.

This week 20 years ago in the Cigar: Thursday, Nov. 5, 1998

Headline: Senate recognizes student organizations

Student Senate officially recognized 66 student organizations with 44 eligible for Senate funding. Some of the clubs recognized at the time included the African American Association, WRIU and the Geology Club.

Headline: Students rally for prisoner

Students were rallying for Mumia Abu-Jamal, a journalist and founding member of the Black Panther Party, who was accused of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. Abu-Jamal saw a cop assaulting his brother, he tried to step in, but was shot. Soon thereafter, the police officer was shot as well and Abu-Jamal was accused. At this time, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did not grant Abu-Jamal a new trial. URI students expressed their disgust to the Cigar and promoted their rally for him at 11 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 6, 1998. Today, Abu-Jamal is still fighting for a new appeal case.