Photo by Sarah Vinci | The 193 Coffee House features artwork by students who would like to post them to the bulletin board.

If you turn left after walking through the front doors on the Memorial Union and continue straight past the Student Entertainment Committee and Student Senate offices, you’ll begin to notice an enticing aroma of coffee.

At first glance, the area seems like any other lounge space for students. You’ll find someone tucked in the corner with their nose in a book, others in small groups on the couch cackling in conversation, and the true students intently completing work at a table. Take a seat yourself and stay a while. Welcome to the 193-degrees coffeehouse.

Here are five things unique to the 193-degrees coffeehouse:

1. Coffee is only a dollar…period.

You heard it here, and you heard it right. Can you name any other spot on or off campus that has this level of affordability? If you plan on popping a squat for a bit, there’s a chance you may be given an iconic 193-mug that is ‘Kermit the frog’ or ‘pants’ themed. If you’re not a coffee fan, do not fret! 193 provides an array of tea options, that do not exclude you from the “dollar-deal” or in receiving a crafty cup. The Coffeehouse team also received a generous donation of a new espresso machine. By next semester-lattes, cappuccinos, and hot cocoa will be back!

2. Open Mic is every other Thursday!

If you are looking for an outlet to express yourself, whether through singing, playing an instrument, spoken word, comedy, etc. Stop by to take a peek at their announcement board where the date and time of the next open mic is posted. Concerts and slam poetry nights are also hosted at the coffeehouse featuring student artists. The environment is welcoming and inclusive for anyone to perform or cheer on someone they know.

3. Probably the only place commuters can take a nap in peace.

When a couch is available, take it. Grab a pillow, lie down and close your eyes. Even if for ten minutes, escape to the coffeehouse and put your mind at ease. Soft jams will play lightly in the background and average coffeehouse goers will respect your time to relax. If you tip the staff, you may even receive a complimentary blanket while napping.

4. Student artwork, everywhere.

Along the walls is a combination of student artwork, and obscure objects such as anteater stuffed animals. From small sketches, to colored self-portraits and every method of expression in-between, it is easy to wander around the coffeehouse simply gazing at all there is to look at. One eccentric piece to note, is a traffic light that serves as the perfect stage accent to all events hosted at 193. There is also a table with stacks of flyers, business cards, information sheets and sometimes the occasional free pen; informing visitors of all the opportunities and events on and off campus. Any organization is welcome to reach out to the coffeehouse staff to see if an event or group meeting can be hosted in their space.

5.) Meet people you would never come across anywhere else on campus.

This begins with you. When you step in the coffeehouse for the first time, take a chance and sit next to or near someone you do not know. Compliment a laptop sticker, point-out a piece of art you admire on the walls, or simply smile at someone. You never know the power of a positive intention, unless you act upon it. This is not an academic building, a residence hall, a dining hall, or even the general memorial union space. There is endless opportunity here to maximize the variety of people you know at URI. All types of students; whether an undergrad, commuter, resident and even the occasional professor come together here.

As a recap, the person you sit next to you may not be your same major or involved in the same activities. However, you both share the commonality of spending and enjoying your time at the 193-coffeehouse. Now, why is that? For an answer, turn to that person, lift your head up, smile and say “hello.”