At this week’s meeting of the University of Rhode Island’s Student Senate, several representatives were elected and the bill calling for the annual re-recognition of student organizations was passed.

Student Senate President Adriana Wilding presented a tuition increase of 2.8 percent for in-state students and 2.5 percent for out-of-state students approved for fiscal year 2020 by URI President David Dooley. Wilding also detailed information about the death of Sakai by the end of the spring semester in 2020.

Interim Director of Communications, Nicolette St. Amand, was elected to be the full-time director of communications. This election took place after debate over the motion by Senator Patrick Feeney to delay election of the position one week so that another nominee for the position, Melissa Packer, may be present to speak before elections. This motion failed to pass and was criticized by Finance Chair Zachary Taylor as he feared that Student Senate might be “developing a fear of competition.”

Lulu Alryati was elected as a freshman representative. Austyn Ramsay was elected to the position of at-large representative.