During this week’s meeting of the University of Rhode Island Student Senate, the bill calling for the implementation of a new constitution was passed.

This new constitution will reflect changes made during the past several meetings of Student Senate.

A bill calling for the referendum polling the student opinion on increasing the Club Sports and Intramural Council Tax Appropriation is to be voted on next meeting. This poll is being conducted in response to CSIC expressing concern that the budget appropriated to them is not sufficient. The group currently receives $26 of each student’s Student Services Fee, and the referendum is asking to increase the fee for students by $15.

A motion by Finance Committee Chair Zachary Taylor to void the vice president’s attendance records for the Feb. 6 Student Senate meeting was passed. This was on the grounds that numerous senators were frustrated with being marked absent at the meeting who claim to have been vouched for by other senators that were present.

A bill calling for $1,168 for travel and lodging to URI’s  BridgeUSA was approved. This Contingency Grant will allow four members of BridgeUSA URI to attend the BridgeUSA National Summit located in Dallas, Texas.

“This is a great outreach opportunity for us,” said BridgeUSA President Sam Foer.

A bill calling for $3,071.65 for travel and lodging to the Powerlifting Club of URI was also approved. This Contingency Grant will allow 10 members of the club to attend the National Competition of Powerlifting.

During the report of the Elections Committee, it was said that the voter turnout for elections was larger than in past years, coming it at around 500 voters.

A presidential debate will be held on March 5, and elections will be held March 6 and March 7. Vice President Tristram Howard was not in attendance at the meeting. During the External Affairs Committee report, External Affairs Committee Chair Sara Straube informed senate that there will be a Commuter Housing Fair next Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.